Knock the Dust Off

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

October 15-16, 2022 - Completed

Knock the Dust Off

Are you looking for a bonspiel as a warm up for the season? Are you new to curling and wanting to get a tournament under your belt? Are you an experienced curler who can share your love of the sport? Do you just like to have fun? Well, this is the bonspiel for you! The Knock the Dust Off is an annual spiel all about meeting new peeps and providing a mixer for people to find potential teammates for future spiels.
Team format: Individual sign ups and bonspiel coordinators will form balanced teams from the participant pool.
Games: 4 end games with 7 games guaranteed.
Competition format: Schenkel pool play. See the tournament schedule and scores for more information.
Food: Lunch, dinner and snacks are provided; wear your stretchy pants!
Bar: Cash bar staffed by club volunteers.

Teams - 16

Team Name Members W L T
Pool D1
Dust Bunny Scott smith, Eric Kulcyk, Jared Oren, Robinder S Singh 5 1 1
Mineral Dust April Rhéaume, David DeBois, Kevin Neumann, Matt McLaughlin 5 2 0
Vegetable Dust Cyndi Parrish, David Donnan, Karien Balluff, Kelly Scherr 5 2 0
Dust Devil Brandon Van Avermaete, Josh Johnson, jaxon tilker, philip tilker 5 2 0
Feather Duster Paul Kamrar, Sam Sparks, Sonja Wesche, Suzanne McLaughlin 4 2 1
Sawdust Anton Grobman, Hoyin Lai, Iowa Nelson, Nate Levin 3 4 0
Rock Dust Cheryl Crandall, Miyoko Nather, H June Fox, Jake Yant 3 4 0
Cement Dust Colin Schreck, Grant Trier, Kaitie Kovach, Kyle Boehm 3 4 0
Pool D2
Metallic Dust Chris Butler, Colleen Johnson, Jeff Bell, Marc Riesenberg 4 2 1
Dust Storm Chris Kidder-Mostrom, Greg Schmidt, Ryan Doerfler, Zaid Hamzeh 4 3 0
Cosmic Dust Alex Chow, Kellen Chow, Angie Savela, Jackie Pepe 3 3 1
Star Dust Chad Johnson, Joseph Utecht, Mary Holmes, Stew Esho 2 4 1
Coal Dust Chris Willcox, Jacqueline Clark, Lynn Salvati, Stephanie Boyer 2 4 1
Granite Dust Andrew Parrish, Michael Hopko, Ryan Gysin, Shannon Brown 1 3 3
Dust in the Wind John Juhl, Rick Mathis, Sam O'Mullane, Todd Schultz 2 5 0
Dust Buster Carl Hartung, Colin Goldberg, Ethan Bradford, Trey Harrison 0 6 1

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