Let's Get Pickled Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

November 11-13, 2022 - Completed

Let's Get Pickled Spiel

A curling celebration of all things pickled, in preparation for National Pickle Day on November 14th. And, NO, the food will not all be pickles. We will have BBQ Brats and Dogs, Cuban sandwiches, Pulled Pork and Chicken AND a Bloody Mary/Toast Bar on Sunday. Live entertainment Saturday night. Come enjoy the fun, curl and eat all things "pickled" if you want!

Teams - 18

Team Name From Members W L Position
Sea Cucumbers Denver CC Darrick Kizlyk, Lucy Bradshaw, Dena Rosenberry, TBD 4 0 Winner
The Safety Buttons Granite Marc Audy, Kaitie Kovach, Sam Sparks, Shannon Brown 3 1 Finalist
Lonely Pickles GCC Ethan, Richard Palmason, Trey Harrison, Zaid Hamzeh 3 1 B Winner
Mixed Pickles Granite Lori Markham, Lisa Rauliuk, Jeff Peplinski, Tim Eng 4 1 C Winner
Spicy Relish SiliconV/Granite(CA) Richard Lazarowich, Stephen Marschall, Brandon Wolf 2 2 D Winner
The Big Dill   philip tilker, jaxon tilker, laurel gore, brian gore 3 1 Semifinalist
Pickle Ricks GCC Mike Taylor, Brent Campbell, Sarah Ip, Greg Schatzman 2 1 Semifinalist
Pickelback Granite CC John Rasmussen, KT Kauffman, Paul Kamrar, Ashleigh Price 3 2 B Finalist
Legally Brined Granite Katie Santiago, Karen Dunkerley, Cyndi Parrish, Andrew Parrish, Grace Ku 2 2 C Finalist
Broom Shaka Laka Hollywood Curling Will Chen, Stacey Iwata, Kyra Manayan, Jenn de la Fuente 1 3 D Finalist
Pickled Pigs Feet Granite/Jackson WY George Peppin, Dylan Peppin, Edward Cunningham, Juliette Tanarro, Joey Morris 1 2  
Trop Pickles Granite John Canning, Sonja Wesche, Thorsten Frank, June Fox 1 2  
Rise and Brine Granite James Reilly, Carolyn Beranek, Ryan Michalec 1 2  
Dill Does Granite Karen Juhl, Zach Kehres, Jessica Schultz, Robi Singh 1 2  
Vlasic Park Granite Curling Club Nathan O'Reilly, Matt Panico, Meg O'Reilly, Josh Kimerer 1 2  
Dill Or No Dill Granite Anna Jensen, Kevin Neumann, Neal Digre, Kate Fox 1 3  
The Gherkins Granite Big finger dill, Not so kosher Sweet, Grandma‘s nasty sour, The mighty Cornichon 0 3  
CrocoDILL Rock Granite Shelley Roberts, Miyoko Nather, Christopher Kidder-Mostrom, Miyoko Nather, Ali Kidder-Mostrom, Mike Williams 0 3  

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