Spring Open Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

April 8-10, 2022 - Completed

Spring Open Spiel

Come celebrate the end of the fall season! Entries currently limited to 24 teams. Non GCC members are welcome, but must provide proof of vaccination. Masks are optional.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to linescore if available. All times are PDT.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 6:15 pm A3. Spring Rays vs. Drawing a blank W:A13, L:C1 A5. Bunnies Everywhere vs. New Bees W:A15, L:C2 A1. PulpoPepePatoYJohn vs. The Murder Hornets W:A14, L:C4 A4. Pollen Power vs. Frozen Four W:A13, L:C1 A2. Sweep Impact vs. Who's Your Caddy W:A14, L:C4
8:30 pm A6. CT Bunnies vs. Taken For Granite W:A15, L:C2 A7. Springing the Trap vs. Squirrely&theAcorns W:A16, L:C3 A9. Super Cool Team Name vs. Moose's Krew W:A17, L:C5 A8. to be decided vs. Late Bloomers W:A16, L:C3 A10. Nut Jam vs. Broom Stackin' W:A17, L:C5
10:30 pm Scrape 1
Sat 9:00 am A11. Pleasant Tree vs. Kathy made us W:A18, L:C6 C1. Drawing a blank vs. Pollen Power W:C7, L:D1 A13. Spring Rays vs. Frozen Four W:A19, L:B1 C2. New Bees vs. CT Bunnies W:C7, L:D1 A12. Eri and the McAuleys vs. Easter Keg Hunters W:A18, L:C6
11:15 am A16. Springing the Trap vs. Late Bloomers W:A20, L:B2 A17. Super Cool Team Name vs. Nut Jam W:A20, L:B2 C3. Squirrely&theAcorns vs. to be decided W:C8, L:D2 A14. PulpoPepePatoYJohn vs. Sweep Impact W:A21, L:B3 A15. Bunnies Everywhere vs. Taken For Granite W:A19, L:B1
11:30 am Lunch
2:15 pm C5. Moose's Krew vs. Broom Stackin' W:C8, L:D2 C4. The Murder Hornets vs. Who's Your Caddy W:C9, L:D3 C6. Kathy made us vs. Eri and the McAuleys W:C10, L:D4 A18. Pleasant Tree vs. Easter Keg Hunters W:A22, L:B4 D1. Pollen Power vs. CT Bunnies W:D3
4:30 pm B1. Frozen Four vs. Bunnies Everywhere W:B3 A19. Spring Rays vs. Taken For Granite W:A21 C7. Drawing a blank vs. New Bees W:C9 A20. Springing the Trap vs. Super Cool Team Name W:A22 B2. Late Bloomers vs. Nut Jam W:B4
5:30 pm Dinner 1
6:30 pm Dinner 2
8:00 pm A21. PulpoPepePatoYJohn vs. Spring Rays W:A23 A22. Pleasant Tree vs. Springing the Trap W:A23 B3. Sweep Impact vs. Bunnies Everywhere W:B5 D2. to be decided vs. Broom Stackin' W:D4 C8. Squirrely&theAcorns vs. Moose's Krew W:C10
10:00 pm Scrape 2
Sun 9:00 am C9. The Murder Hornets vs. New Bees W:C11 C10. Eri and the McAuleys vs. Moose's Krew W:C11 B4. Easter Keg Hunters vs. Nut Jam W:B5 D3. Who's Your Caddy vs. CT Bunnies W:D5 D4. Kathy made us vs. to be decided W:D5
12:00 pm D5. Who's Your Caddy vs. to be decided B5. Bunnies Everywhere vs. Nut Jam A23. PulpoPepePatoYJohn vs. Springing the Trap C11. New Bees vs. Eri and the McAuleys  

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