April Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

April 13-16, 2023 - Completed

April Spiel 2020, no 2021, nope 2022, oh wait 2023! Come join us for an event years in the making. If we don't get this one right we need to hang up organizer hats! Extra food money will be collected for teams over 4. The event is limited to 56 teams and we are adding new entries to the waitlist.

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Winning team in bold. All times are PDT.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Thu 6:00 pm A1. Low Tide vs. Kerplunk, we SUNK! W:A29, L:B1 A3. Land Sharks vs. Phil Shyrockfish W:A30, L:B2 A5. Rays Fly at Midnight vs. Goldiceberg W:A31, L:B3 A4. Garbage Patch Kids vs. Jaguar Shark Hunters W:A30, L:B2 A2. SharkLando vs. Mine! Mine! Mine! W:A29, L:B1
8:00 pm A9. Shark doo doo doo... vs. Shrimply the Best W:A33, L:B5 A8. The Tenta-curls vs. Admiral & his Conchs W:A32, L:B4 A6. Rip Curl vs. Free Willies W:A31, L:B3 A7. Left Shark vs. Manatee-line! W:A32, L:B4 A10. Belly up vs. Unsinkable II W:A33, L:B5
10:00 pm A11. Psychedelic Frogfish vs. Sweep with Porpoise W:A34, L:B6 A14. Yalo Submarines vs. Shot Rockfish! W:A35, L:B7 A12. SoFISHticated vs. Lobster Hit and Roll W:A34, L:B6 A15. The Narwhals vs. Panopea Generosa W:A36, L:B8 A13. Oil Spiel vs. Oh Crrrab! W:A35, L:B7
Fri 9:00 am Fri Scrape
11:00 am A16. Sea Said That Once vs. Team Moist W:A36, L:B8 A19. Off the Hook vs. Swept out to Sea W:A38, L:B10 A20. Eriksen-Frozen Four vs. Team Picanté W:A38, L:B10 A17. Part time Hooker vs. ForHereOrForTakeout W:A37, L:B9 A18. Kraken Curling Crew vs. That’s What Sea Said W:A37, L:B9
1:00 pm A25. Rock Cousteau vs. Under the Cs W:A41, L:B13 A22. Hunt 4 Red Rocktober vs. Cascadian Sea W:A39, L:B11 A23. Shell Yeah! vs. Just Keep Sweeping W:A40, L:B12 A21. Had-A-Few vs. SKOTTHUND W:A39, L:B11 A24. LifeGuards vs. Prawn Stars W:A40, L:B12
3:00 pm A30. Land Sharks vs. Garbage Patch Kids W:A43, L:C13 A26. Chum Bucket vs. Rock Lobster W:A41, L:B13 A29. Kerplunk, we SUNK! vs. Mine! Mine! Mine! W:A43, L:C8 A28. Hammered vs. Seaman Stains W:A42, L:B14 A27. Peg Legs A-Plenty vs. Team Zissou W:A42, L:B14
5:00 pm A32. Left Shark vs. Admiral & his Conchs W:A44, L:C11 A34. Psychedelic Frogfish vs. Lobster Hit and Roll W:A45, L:C9 A33. Shark doo doo doo... vs. Belly up W:A45, L:C10 A35. Oh Crrrab! vs. Yalo Submarines W:A46, L:C14 A31. Rays Fly at Midnight vs. Free Willies W:A44, L:C12
7:00 pm A38. Swept out to Sea vs. Team Picanté W:A47, L:C3 A37. Part time Hooker vs. Kraken Curling Crew W:A47, L:C2 A36. Panopea Generosa vs. Team Moist W:A46, L:C1 A40. Shell Yeah! vs. LifeGuards W:A48, L:C5 A39. SKOTTHUND vs. Cascadian Sea W:A48, L:C4
9:00 pm B2. Phil Shyrockfish vs. Jaguar Shark Hunters W:B15, L:C2 B1. Low Tide vs. SharkLando W:B15, L:C1 A42. Team Zissou vs. Seaman Stains W:A49, L:C7 A41. Under the Cs vs. Rock Lobster W:A49, L:C6 B3. Goldiceberg vs. Rip Curl W:B16, L:C3
11:00 pm B4. Manatee-line! vs. The Tenta-curls W:B16, L:C4 B5. Shrimply the Best vs. Unsinkable II W:B17, L:C5 B7. Oil Spiel vs. Shot Rockfish! W:B18, L:C7 B6. Sweep with Porpoise vs. SoFISHticated W:B17, L:C6 B8. The Narwhals vs. Sea Said That Once W:B18, L:C8
Sat 1:00 am B9. ForHereOrForTakeout vs. That’s What Sea Said W:B19, L:C9 B12. Just Keep Sweeping vs. Prawn Stars W:B20, L:C12 B13. Rock Cousteau vs. Chum Bucket W:B21, L:C13 B10. Off the Hook vs. Eriksen-Frozen Four W:B19, L:C10 B11. Had-A-Few vs. Hunt 4 Red Rocktober W:B20, L:C11
3:00 am C1. Panopea Generosa vs. Low Tide W:C15, L:D1 B14. Peg Legs A-Plenty vs. Hammered W:B21, L:C14 C4. SKOTTHUND vs. The Tenta-curls W:C16, L:D4 C3. Swept out to Sea vs. Rip Curl W:C16, L:D3 C2. Part time Hooker vs. Jaguar Shark Hunters W:C15, L:D2
5:00 am Sat Scrape
7:00 am B17. Unsinkable II vs. SoFISHticated W:B23, L:D10 B16. Goldiceberg vs. Manatee-line! W:B22, L:D8 B15. SharkLando vs. Phil Shyrockfish W:B22, L:D6 B18. Shot Rockfish! vs. The Narwhals W:B23, L:D12 C5. Shell Yeah! vs. Shrimply the Best W:C17, L:D5
9:00 am A45. Belly up vs. Lobster Hit and Roll W:A51, L:D7 A43. Kerplunk, we SUNK! vs. Garbage Patch Kids W:A50, L:D9 C6. Rock Lobster vs. Sweep with Porpoise W:C17, L:D6 A44. Free Willies vs. Left Shark W:A50, L:D5 B19. That’s What Sea Said vs. Eriksen-Frozen Four W:B26, L:D14
11:00 am B21. Chum Bucket vs. Hammered W:B24, L:D4 A46. Yalo Submarines vs. Team Moist W:A51, L:D3 A47. Kraken Curling Crew vs. Team Picanté W:A52, L:D11 B20. Hunt 4 Red Rocktober vs. Just Keep Sweeping W:B24, L:D2 C7. Seaman Stains vs. Oil Spiel W:C18, L:D7
1:00 pm C12. Rays Fly at Midnight vs. Prawn Stars W:C20, L:D12 C11. Admiral & his Conchs vs. Had-A-Few W:C20, L:D11 C14. Oh Crrrab! vs. Peg Legs A-Plenty W:C21, L:D14 C8. Mine! Mine! Mine! vs. Sea Said That Once W:C18, L:D8 C13. Land Sharks vs. Rock Cousteau W:C21, L:D13
3:00 pm   A49. Under the Cs vs. Team Zissou W:A54, L:D1 A48. Cascadian Sea vs. LifeGuards W:A52, L:D13 C9. Psychedelic Frogfish vs. ForHereOrForTakeout W:C19, L:D9 C10. Shark doo doo doo... vs. Off the Hook W:C19, L:D10
5:00 pm B22. SharkLando vs. Manatee-line! W:B25 B23. SoFISHticated vs. Shot Rockfish! W:B25 B24. Hunt 4 Red Rocktober vs. Chum Bucket W:B26 C15. Panopea Generosa vs. Part time Hooker W:C22 C16. Swept out to Sea vs. The Tenta-curls W:C22
7:00 pm C17. Shell Yeah! vs. Rock Lobster W:C25 D7. Belly up vs. Oil Spiel W:D17 A50. Garbage Patch Kids vs. Free Willies W:A53 A51. Lobster Hit and Roll vs. Yalo Submarines W:A53 D11. Team Picanté vs. Had-A-Few W:D19
9:00 pm D9. Kerplunk, we SUNK! vs. ForHereOrForTakeout W:D18 D10. Unsinkable II vs. Off the Hook W:D18 C18. Seaman Stains vs. Mine! Mine! Mine! W:C23 A52. Kraken Curling Crew vs. LifeGuards W:A54 D8. Goldiceberg vs. Sea Said That Once W:D17
11:00 pm D5. Left Shark vs. Shrimply the Best W:D16 C19. Psychedelic Frogfish vs. Shark doo doo doo... W:C23 C20. Admiral & his Conchs vs. Rays Fly at Midnight W:C24 D4. Hammered vs. SKOTTHUND W:D15 D6. Phil Shyrockfish vs. Sweep with Porpoise W:D16
Sun 1:00 am D14. Eriksen-Frozen Four vs. Peg Legs A-Plenty W:D20 D2. Just Keep Sweeping vs. Jaguar Shark Hunters W:D21 D3. Team Moist vs. Rip Curl W:D15 D13. Cascadian Sea vs. Rock Cousteau W:D20 D12. The Narwhals vs. Prawn Stars W:D19
3:00 am   C21. Land Sharks vs. Oh Crrrab! W:C24 D17. Belly up vs. Goldiceberg W:D23 D1. Team Zissou vs. Low Tide W:D21  
5:00 am Sun Scrape
7:00 am D15. Team Moist vs. Hammered W:D22 D16. Shrimply the Best vs. Phil Shyrockfish W:D22 D18. Kerplunk, we SUNK! vs. Unsinkable II W:D23 D19. Had-A-Few vs. Prawn Stars W:D24 D20. Cascadian Sea vs. Peg Legs A-Plenty W:D24
9:00 am C22. Panopea Generosa vs. Swept out to Sea W:C25 A53. Garbage Patch Kids vs. Yalo Submarines W:A55 A54. Under the Cs vs. Kraken Curling Crew W:A55 C23. Seaman Stains vs. Shark doo doo doo... W:C26 C24. Rays Fly at Midnight vs. Land Sharks W:C26
11:00 am D23. Belly up vs. Kerplunk, we SUNK! W:D26 D24. Had-A-Few vs. Cascadian Sea W:D26 D21. Team Zissou vs. Jaguar Shark Hunters W:D25 B25. SharkLando vs. Shot Rockfish! W:B27 D22. Hammered vs. Shrimply the Best W:D25
1:00 pm C26. Seaman Stains vs. Rays Fly at Midnight W:C27 D25. Jaguar Shark Hunters vs. Hammered W:D27 C25. Rock Lobster vs. Swept out to Sea W:C27 B26. That’s What Sea Said vs. Chum Bucket W:B27 D26. Belly up vs. Cascadian Sea W:D27
3:20 pm D27. Hammered vs. Belly up C27. Rock Lobster vs. Rays Fly at Midnight B27. Shot Rockfish! vs. Chum Bucket A55. Yalo Submarines vs. Under the Cs  

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