Holiday Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 8-10, 2023 - Completed

Holiday Spiel

GCC Holiday spiel 2023: It’s an Old Fashioned Christmas! Come get into the holiday spirit with 120 of your closest curling friends.

-- 3 Game Guarantee
-- Cash prizes
-- 50/50 Raffle
-- Tasty Foods: Friday Dinner, Saturday Lunch & Dinner, and Sunday Lunch
-- General Merriment

Please be prepared to start curling on Friday as early as 5 PM and continue curling until 5 PM on Sunday, the schedule will be finalized as we get closer to the event. We try and take preferred initial draw requests, but they are not guaranteed.

Winning team in bold. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 5:00 pm A1. Sleigh to the Yule vs. Pearson W:A17, L:C1 A3. Knight Before Xmas vs. Jingle Bills W:A18, L:C2 A4. Spirits Bright vs. Jeff's Ding Dongs W:A18, L:C2 A2. Christmas in Hollice vs. All The JingleLadies W:A17, L:C1 A5. Chow vs. Team Picante W:A19, L:C3
7:00 pm A7. Sparkle Sauce vs. Shryock W:A20, L:C4 A8. Santa'sLittleHelper vs. An Easter Carol W:A20, L:C4 A9. Red Nosed Drainbeers vs. Holiday Riot W:A21, L:C5 A10. Markham vs. Sheets and Giggles W:A21, L:C5 A6. Triolo vs. The Curling Animals W:A19, L:C3
9:30 pm A11. Sweater Weather vs. The Misfits W:A22, L:C6 A12. Chrismukkah vs. Runback Reindeer W:A22, L:C6 A13. Dodson vs. Greg Schatzman W:A23, L:C7 A15. Old Fozziwig vs. Merry C(h)rismoneek W:A24, L:C8 A14. Curled Up in a Ball vs. HO HO HO W:A23, L:C7
Sat 8:00 am A16. Holly Daze vs. Curling up with Joy W:A24, L:C8 C3. Team Picante vs. Triolo W:C10, L:D1 C1. Pearson vs. All The JingleLadies W:C9, L:D2 C2. Jingle Bills vs. Jeff's Ding Dongs W:C9, L:D2 C4. Sparkle Sauce vs. An Easter Carol W:C10, L:D1
10:00 am C5. Red Nosed Drainbeers vs. Sheets and Giggles W:C11, L:D3 A19. Chow vs. The Curling Animals W:A26, L:B2 A17. Sleigh to the Yule vs. Christmas in Hollice W:A25, L:B1 A18. Knight Before Xmas vs. Spirits Bright W:A25, L:B1 A20. Shryock vs. Santa'sLittleHelper W:A26, L:B2
12:00 pm Lunch & Mini-Scrape
12:30 pm C7. Dodson vs. HO HO HO W:C12, L:D4 A21. Holiday Riot vs. Markham W:A27, L:B3 C8. Old Fozziwig vs. Curling up with Joy W:C12, L:D4 A22. Sweater Weather vs. Runback Reindeer W:A27, L:B3 C6. The Misfits vs. Chrismukkah W:C11, L:D3
2:30 pm A23. Greg Schatzman vs. Curled Up in a Ball W:A28, L:B4       A24. Merry C(h)rismoneek vs. Holly Daze W:A28, L:B4
4:30 pm Dinner & Scrape
6:00 pm B1. Christmas in Hollice vs. Spirits Bright W:B5 A25. Sleigh to the Yule vs. Knight Before Xmas W:A29 D1. Team Picante vs. Sparkle Sauce W:D5 A26. The Curling Animals vs. Santa'sLittleHelper W:A29 A27. Markham vs. Sweater Weather W:A30
8:30 pm B2. Chow vs. Shryock W:B5 C9. All The JingleLadies vs. Jeff's Ding Dongs W:C13 C10. Triolo vs. An Easter Carol W:C13 A28. Greg Schatzman vs. Merry C(h)rismoneek W:A30 D2. Pearson vs. Jingle Bills W:D5
Sun 8:00 am B3. Holiday Riot vs. Runback Reindeer W:B6 D3. Sheets and Giggles vs. The Misfits W:D6 C11. Red Nosed Drainbeers vs. Chrismukkah W:C14 B4. Curled Up in a Ball vs. Holly Daze W:B6 C12. Dodson vs. Old Fozziwig W:C14
10:00 am A29. Sleigh to the Yule vs. The Curling Animals W:A31 A30. Sweater Weather vs. Merry C(h)rismoneek W:A31 B5. Christmas in Hollice vs. Shryock W:B7 D4. HO HO HO vs. Curling up with Joy W:D6  
12:30 pm C13. Jeff's Ding Dongs vs. Triolo W:C15 C14. Red Nosed Drainbeers vs. Old Fozziwig W:C15 B6. Runback Reindeer vs. Holly Daze W:B7 D5. Sparkle Sauce vs. Jingle Bills W:D7 D6. The Misfits vs. Curling up with Joy W:D7
3:30 pm D7. Jingle Bills vs. Curling up with Joy B7. Shryock vs. Holly Daze A31. Sleigh to the Yule vs. Merry C(h)rismoneek C15. Triolo vs. Red Nosed Drainbeers  

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