Open Doubles Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

May 6-7, 2023 - In Planning

It's been a while since we had a doubles spiel, since the "before times", so we might be figuring this thing out as we go along. But we have a lot of newer doubles curlers, and if anyone can figure it out Chris Sherry and Todd Schultz, you ever helpful Bonspiel Managers, can. Let's do this!

This event has a team entry fee of $200. Sign-up for this event

Teams - 16

Team Name From Members
Chow Granite Alex Chow, Kellen Chow
Schultz Crandall Granite Cheryl Crandall, Jessica Schultz
Jensen/Neumann Granite Kevin Neumann, Anna Jensen
Double Trouble GCC Thomas Lee, Jiyoung Lee
Clark/Corcoran Granite Steven Corcoran, Jacqueline Clark
Triolo/Sanders Granite Gina Triolo, Erik Sanders
Will/Seymour Granite Margee Will, Adam Seymour
Dab Sauce GCC rodd kiliany, Heidi kiliany
Mariano/Hester Granite Chris Hester, Sheila Mariano
Double Trouble Granite Curling Club Grant Trier, Kellan Williams
Fox/Bruce Granite Kate Fox, Jeff Bruce
Digre/McAlpin Granite Neal Digre, Geoff McAlpin
Pearson Granite Jeff Pearson, Monique Heileson
BIrv-n-LIrv Evergreen Bruce Irvin, Lily Irvin
Rutherford Evergreen Kevin Rutherford, Melissa Rutherford
Spokoiny Granite Elizabeth Spokoiny, Larry Spokoiny