Open Doubles Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

May 6-7, 2023 - Completed

It's been a while since we had a doubles spiel, since the "before times", so we might be figuring this thing out as we go along. But we have a lot of newer doubles curlers, and if anyone can figure it out Chris Sherry and Todd Schultz, your ever-helpful Bonspiel Managers, can. Let's do this!

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Winning team in bold. All times are PDT.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Sat 8:00 am A3. Taiwania vs. Tortoise and Hare W:A13, L:C1 A1. Cerveny/Schmidt vs. Smith-Koop/Engle W:A14, L:C4 A4. Dab Sauce vs. Fox/Bruce W:A13, L:C1 A5. Heileson/Pearson vs. Grant/Dunkerley W:A15, L:C2 A2. Digre/McAlpin vs. Mariano/Hester W:A14, L:C4
10:00 am A9. Clark/Corcoran vs. Spokoiny W:A17, L:C5 A6. Rutherford vs. Saucy Girls W:A15, L:C2 A7. Will/Bond vs. Walsh / Sherry W:A16, L:C3 A8. Chowtime! vs. Justimason W:A16, L:C3 A10. Holmes/Eng vs. Double Dog Dare W:A17, L:C5
11:30 am Lunch & Scrape 1
12:30 pm A11. Jensen/Neumann vs. BIrv-n-LIrv W:A18, L:C6 A13. Taiwania vs. Dab Sauce W:A19, L:B1 C4. Cerveny/Schmidt vs. Digre/McAlpin W:C9, L:D3 A12. Two Things vs. Yang/Sanders W:A18, L:C6 C1. Tortoise and Hare vs. Fox/Bruce W:C7, L:D1
2:30 pm A15. Grant/Dunkerley vs. Rutherford W:A19, L:B1 A16. Will/Bond vs. Justimason W:A20, L:B2 A17. Clark/Corcoran vs. Holmes/Eng W:A20, L:B2 A14. Smith-Koop/Engle vs. Mariano/Hester W:A21, L:B3 C2. Heileson/Pearson vs. Saucy Girls W:C7, L:D1
4:00 pm Scrape 2
5:00 pm C3. Walsh / Sherry vs. Chowtime! W:C8, L:D2 C6. BIrv-n-LIrv vs. Two Things W:C10, L:D4 D1. Tortoise and Hare vs. Heileson/Pearson W:D3 C5. Spokoiny vs. Double Dog Dare W:C8, L:D2 A18. Jensen/Neumann vs. Yang/Sanders W:A22, L:B4
6:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm A20. Will/Bond vs. Clark/Corcoran W:A22 C7. Fox/Bruce vs. Saucy Girls W:C9 B1. Dab Sauce vs. Grant/Dunkerley W:B3 A19. Taiwania vs. Rutherford W:A21 B2. Justimason vs. Holmes/Eng W:B4
Sun 8:00 am A21. Mariano/Hester vs. Rutherford W:A23 D2. Chowtime! vs. Spokoiny W:D4 C8. Walsh / Sherry vs. Double Dog Dare W:C10 A22. Yang/Sanders vs. Will/Bond W:A23 B3. Smith-Koop/Engle vs. Grant/Dunkerley W:B5
10:00 am C9. Digre/McAlpin vs. Saucy Girls W:C11 D3. Cerveny/Schmidt vs. Heileson/Pearson W:D5 B4. Jensen/Neumann vs. Justimason W:B5 D4. Two Things vs. Chowtime! W:D5 C10. BIrv-n-LIrv vs. Double Dog Dare W:C11
11:00 am Lunch
11:30 am Scrape 3
12:30 pm D5. Cerveny/Schmidt vs. Chowtime! B5. Smith-Koop/Engle vs. Justimason A23. Mariano/Hester vs. Will/Bond C11. Digre/McAlpin vs. BIrv-n-LIrv  

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