2023 Over the RainbowSpiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

May 19-21, 2023 - Completed

2023 Over the RainbowSpiel

We are proud to announce our 2nd annual LGBTQIA+ pridespiel - Over the RainbowSpiel...to XANADU! This open bonspiel will be limited to 32 teams and open to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE!

This year's theme is a tribute to the legendary musician and actress Olivia Newton John, so break out your roller skates, pink lady jackets, and leg warmers. Also, like last year, we'll be donating the proceeds from our merch sales, auctions, raffles, and direct donation to a local LGBTQIA+ charity. Last year, we were able to raise over $4000 for the Seattle-based LGBTQIA+ youth organization the Lambert House.

You can find many event photos at https://adobe.ly/3orNwX4.

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Winning team in bold. All times are PDT.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 3:00 pm A3. Staying on the line vs. Rollerblading's Hard W:A18, L:C2 A5. Vielschichtig vs. Let’s Get Physicurl W:A19, L:C3 A4. Team Traxler vs. Will Buckingham W:A18, L:C2 A1. Pride Rocks vs. Duranleau W:A17, L:C1 A2. Deep House Music vs. Go Greased Lightning W:A17, L:C1
5:15 pm A7. The Fig Newtons vs. FranchiseGlitzDealer W:A20, L:C4 A6. On the Rocks vs. Pinky Tuscaderos W:A19, L:C3 A9. UDI O IUM vs. The4musesofOlympus W:A21, L:C5 A8. Matthew,Mark,ONJohn vs. John Seigle W:A20, L:C4 A10. Bro pants bromance vs. Taste the Rainbow W:A21, L:C5
8:00 pm A11. Rock & Roll vs. Canada Eh? W:A22, L:C6 A12. Rink Rats 🐀 vs. Marshawn's Skittles W:A22, L:C6 A15. TellMeAboutIt,Skip vs. The Family Juhls W:A24, L:C8 A13. Ingonyama vs. Mandarin Ducks W:A23, L:C7 A14. Alphabet Mafia vs. Rainbow bears W:A23, L:C7
10:15 pm A16. Totally Hot vs. "Roommates" W:A24, L:C8   C1. Duranleau vs. Deep House Music W:C9, L:D2   C2. Staying on the line vs. Will Buckingham W:C9, L:D2
Sat 8:00 am C3. Let’s Get Physicurl vs. On the Rocks W:C10, L:D1 A20. The Fig Newtons vs. John Seigle W:A26, L:B2 A17. Pride Rocks vs. Go Greased Lightning W:A25, L:B1 A18. Rollerblading's Hard vs. Team Traxler W:A25, L:B1 A19. Vielschichtig vs. Pinky Tuscaderos W:A26, L:B2
10:15 am C5. UDI O IUM vs. Taste the Rainbow W:C11, L:D3 A21. The4musesofOlympus vs. Bro pants bromance W:A27, L:B3 C6. Rock & Roll vs. Marshawn's Skittles W:C11, L:D3 A22. Canada Eh? vs. Rink Rats 🐀 W:A27, L:B3 C4. FranchiseGlitzDealer vs. Matthew,Mark,ONJohn W:C10, L:D1
11:30 am Lunch & Mini-Scrape
1:00 pm C7. Mandarin Ducks vs. Alphabet Mafia W:C12, L:D4 A24. The Family Juhls vs. Totally Hot W:A28, L:B4 A23. Ingonyama vs. Rainbow bears W:A28, L:B4   C8. TellMeAboutIt,Skip vs. "Roommates" W:C12, L:D4
3:15 pm B1. Go Greased Lightning vs. Rollerblading's Hard W:B5 A25. Pride Rocks vs. Team Traxler W:A29 D1. Let’s Get Physicurl vs. Matthew,Mark,ONJohn W:D5 A26. Vielschichtig vs. John Seigle W:A29 A27. Bro pants bromance vs. Rink Rats 🐀 W:A30
5:00 pm Dinner & Scrape
7:00 pm Drag Bingo and Amateur Drag Contest
9:00 pm B2. Pinky Tuscaderos vs. The Fig Newtons W:B5 C9. Duranleau vs. Will Buckingham W:C13 C10. On the Rocks vs. FranchiseGlitzDealer W:C13 D2. Deep House Music vs. Staying on the line W:D5 A28. Ingonyama vs. The Family Juhls W:A30
Sun 8:00 am B3. The4musesofOlympus vs. Canada Eh? W:B6 C11. UDI O IUM vs. Rock & Roll W:C14 C12. Mandarin Ducks vs. "Roommates" W:C14 B4. Rainbow bears vs. Totally Hot W:B6 D3. Taste the Rainbow vs. Marshawn's Skittles W:D6
10:15 am A29. Pride Rocks vs. John Seigle W:A31 D4. Alphabet Mafia vs. TellMeAboutIt,Skip W:D6 B5. Go Greased Lightning vs. The Fig Newtons W:B7 A30. Bro pants bromance vs. The Family Juhls W:A31  
11:00 am Brunch
1:00 pm C13. Will Buckingham vs. FranchiseGlitzDealer W:C15 D5. Matthew,Mark,ONJohn vs. Staying on the line W:D7 B6. The4musesofOlympus vs. Totally Hot W:B7 D6. Marshawn's Skittles vs. TellMeAboutIt,Skip W:D7 C14. Rock & Roll vs. Mandarin Ducks W:C15
3:15 pm D7. Staying on the line vs. TellMeAboutIt,Skip B7. Go Greased Lightning vs. Totally Hot A31. Pride Rocks vs. The Family Juhls C15. Will Buckingham vs. Mandarin Ducks  
5:30 pm Awards

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