All-American Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

January 20, 2024 - Completed

All-American Spiel

The All-American has been sponsored by The United States Women's Curling Association (USWCA) since 1966.

The All-American is an inner-club event held during the curling season by member clubs throughout the United States. The USWCA provides beautiful All-American pins to each member club to present to the winners. This spiel is a friendly spiel and everyone gets to enjoy the spirit of curling: New curlers and Granite's long-time members all need to participate. A time to socialize and get to know fellow curlers.

Teams have been randomly assigned in advance, and the first draw times are 8:30 am (blue pool) and 9:40 am (red pool). All teams are guaranteed three 4-end games, and the event is being run as a point-spiel. Registration is closed.

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Teams - 12

Team Name Members W L T Position
Pool Blue
McBroom/Smith Kara McBroom, Laila Cohagen, Murray Marple, Scott Smith 2 0 1 2nd Place (25 pts)
Justice Kathy Justice, June Fox, Jenay Barela, Cody Bernardy 2 0 1 3rd Place (23.75 pts)
Garbes Heather Garbes, Jacqueline Clark, Anne Cirillo, Ryan Doerfler 2 1 0  
Yalowicki Marjorie Yalowicki, Mary Holmes, Michele Catalano, John Massman 1 1 1  
Kovach Kaitie Kovach, Mary Alice Benson, Kristen Lee, Rob Freedman 0 2 1  
Rauliuk Lisa Rauliuk, Caroline Harding, Colleen Johnson, John Juhl 0 3 0  
Pool Red
Deaver Doreen Deaver, KT Kauffman, Jill Jackson, Parker Temple 3 0 0 1st Place (25.25 pts)
Krienke Nadyne Krienke, Katie Santiago, John Casey, Charles Smith 2 1 0 4th Place (22 pts)
Mariano Sheila Mariano, Sonja Wesche, Emma Clarke, Chris Battey 2 1 0  
Brown Shannon Brown, Elizabeth Spokoiny, April Rhéaume, Andrew Edwards 1 2 0  
Schultz Jessica Schultz, Janet Pawlowski, Martha Marple, Ethan Bradford 1 2 0  
Frosch/Katkansky Leslie Frosch, Andrea Katkansky, Ashleigh Price, Miyoko Baensch, Justin Compton 0 3 0  

Last Update: 2024 Jul 19 10:56:55 am PDT