All-American Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

January 20, 2024 - In Planning

All-American Spiel

The All-American has been sponsored by The United States Women's Curling Association (USWCA) since 1966.

The All-American is an inner-club event held during the curling season by member clubs throughout the United States. The USWCA provides beautiful All-American pins to each member club to present to the winners. This spiel is a friendly spiel and everyone gets to enjoy the spirit of curling: New curlers and Granite's long-time members all need to participate. A time to socialize and get to know fellow curlers. Teams will be formed on the day of the spiel, simply sign up as an individual stating your preferred position and pay the $50 registration fee. This event is open to Men, simply pay an extra $7 to officially join the USWCA.

This is a one day spiel, and although the schedule will not be created until we are closer to the event, plan to be available 8am to 5pm. Snacks and a hearty meal will be provided.

This event has an individual entry fee of $50. Sign-up for this event.

Individual Entries - 17

Shannon Brown
Mac McClelland
April Rhéaume
Kaitie Kovach
KT Kauffman
Katie Santiago
Nadyne Krienke
Colleen Johnson
Miyoko Baensch
Jill Jackson
Doreen Deaver
Scott smith
PJ Feinson
Charles Smith
Stephanie Lee
Jenay Barela
Kristen Lee

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