Unders and Overs Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

May 4-5, 2024 - In Progress

Unders and Overs Spiel

The Unders & Overs Bonspiel is an extension of GCC's successful 2023 Spring league. This is a 2-day bonspiel with traditional pool play and 6-end games. Teams must be composed of at least 2 juniors U18. Families are encouraged to sign up and play together. See the live Tournament standings.

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The entry cost per player is $90. Price includes Saturday Lunch, Saturday Dinner, Sunday Lunch, and snacks. Also, there will be a droid-building competition during the bonspiel where teams compete to build the best droid. Cardboard and other building supplies will be available. Preassembled sections are allowed.

All juniors MUST have played in a league with experience playing multiple end games.
Juniors in elementary school are required to register and play with an adult.
Juniors in MUST be able to deliver a full weight rock the full length of the sheet.
All juniors MUST have a responsible adult at the club supervising them for the duration of the event.

Teams - 14

Team Name From Members W L T
Pool A-Wing
Nerf Herders Granite Marc Riesenberg, Roman Riesenberg, Livia Riesenberg, Rick Mathis 4 0 0
Yub Nub Curling Club Endor Jessica Schultz, Philip Tilker, Jaxon Tilker, Sophie Santiago, Xavier Santiago 4 0 0
Can't Shoot Straight GCC/SFBACC Eric Lin, Rachel Lin, Karina Treynor, Shriya Patankar 3 1 0
Oakland Vaders SFBACC Benjamin Blizzard, Brayden Hanson, Rob Sinclair, Martha Marple 2 2 0
It’s Over Anakin! High Ground CC Nick Pappin, Sam Jenkins, Oliver Offerdahl, Kasper Jenkins 2 2 0
Ewok Summer Camp Granite Greta Miller, Scarlett Nell, Karen Juhl, Zach Kehres 2 2 0
Wampa Hoth Curling Club Daryl Allen, Max Allen, Sam Hazen, Ben Hazen 0 4 0
The Tauntauns GCC Roger Janusiak, Amy Westerfield, Jessie, Evelyn Xu 0 4 0
Pool B-Wing
Bespin bonspielers Granite CC Rich Burmeister, Hannah Volkman, Stanley Burmeister, Nico Burmeister 3 1 0
Starkillers GCC Chris Hester, Sheila Mariano, Felix Hester, Suzanne McLaughlin, Fiona McLaughlin, Declan McLaughlin 3 1 0
The Dark Slide Tatooine Zach Thompson, Natalie Smith, Daphne Hill, Levi Kuns 1 2 0
Empire Strikes Hack Death Star Trey Harrison, Isaac Harrison, Thorsten Frank, Samarth Patankar 1 2 0
Legion of Broom Coyote Curling, SVCC Cecil Lynn, Carter Hellman, Tucker Hellman, Troy Nelson 1 3 0
Ice-olotls Granite Rhett Garber, Mira Garber, Georgia Wills, Pat Sweet 1 3 0

Last Update: 2024 May 22 8:09:18 am PDT