5 & Under - Game of Stones

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

March 2-3, 2024 - Completed

5 & Under - Game of Stones

Exclusively for Granite Curling Club members, this event is for curlers who are considered 5&U players under USA Curling's eligibility rules. USA Curling considers a year of curling experience ten games played during a calendar year. The 2020-21 season does not count as a year of curling experience. For example, if you started curling in 2018 and played 10 games that calendar year, then your final GCC 5&U is this one (March 2024). To learn more about USA Curling's 5&U eligibility rules, visit USAC 2023-2024 Qualification Procedure (see page 11). This event is not a qualifier for the national 5&U championship.

This is a unique, individual sign-up event that always fills its 60 spots very quickly.

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Teams - 15

Team Name Members W L T
House Lannister John Massman, Raven MacDaniels, Carolyn Beranek, Cole Kopca 5 1 0
House Velaryon Tim Carlson, Dean Cox, Carl Hartung, Greg Schmidt 4 1 1
House Baelish Justin Tisi, Zaid Hamzeh, Michael Rudd, Bryan Reich, Cj Newberry 4 1 1
House Targaryen Kristen Lee, Andrew Parrish, Micah Jenkins, Mike Williams 4 2 0
HODOR Heidi Kiliany, Trey Harrison, Michele Catalano, Mike Kovner 4 2 0
House Tully Jenay Barela, Kristina Grundmanis, Kellen Chow, Katie Moran 3 2 1
BAWGOT Amanda Willey, Cheryl Crandall, Cyndi Parrish, Emily Kopca 3 3 0
The Nights Watch Caroline Brown, Rachel Lin, Alex Chow, Monika Jonce 3 3 0
House Greyjoy Miyoko Baensch, Jesse Landers, Chris Riley, Peter Garbes 3 3 0
House Baratheon Jessica Citronberg, Stephanie Boyer, Casey Duranleau, John Edwards 2 3 1
House Bolton Frances Luke, Sonja Wesche, Colin Goldberg, Josh Kimerer 2 3 1
House Mormont Jeff Poisson, Kevin Perry, Juliette Tanarro, Neal Digre 2 4 0
House Stark Anne Tomsic, Jesse McFarland, Amy Lin, Marc Riesenberg 2 4 0
House Martell Shu Han, Brandon Van Avermaete, Rick Mathis, Jared Oren 1 4 1
House Tyrell Wendy Harrison, Wuming Tang, Rodd Kiliany, Trevor Trifiro 0 6 0

Last Update: 2024 Jul 23 4:58:24 pm PDT