5 & Under - Game of Stones

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

March 1-3, 2024 - In Planning

5 & Under - Game of Stones

Exclusively for Granite Curling Club members, this event is for curlers who are considered 5&U players under USA Curling's eligibility rules. USA Curling considers a year of curling experience ten games played during a calendar year. The 2020-21 season does not count as a year of curling experience. For example, if you started curling in 2018 and played 10 games that calendar year, then your final GCC 5&U is this one (March 2024). To learn more about USA Curling's 5&U eligibility rules, visit USAC 2023-2024 Qualification Procedure (see page 11). This event is not a qualifier for the national 5&U championship.

This is a unique, individual sign-up event that always fills its 60 spots very quickly.

This event has an individual entry fee of $75.

Individual Entries - 60

Greg Schmidt
Jessica Citronberg
Bryan Reich
Carolyn Beranek
Kristen Lee
Carl Hartung
Ryan Michalec
Alex Chow
Suzanne McLaughlin
Dean Cox
Rick Mathis
Kevin Perry
Amanda Willey
Cyndi Parrish
Andrew Parrish
Jeff Poisson
Rachel Lin
Anne Tomsic
Kellen Chow
Neal Digre
Trevor Trifiro
Colin Goldberg
Kristina Grundmanis
Eric Kulcyk
Chris Riley
Wendy Harrison
Zaid Hamzeh
Trey Harrison
Amy Lin
Juliette Tanarro
Micah Jenkins
Brandon Van Avermaete
Michael Rudd
Justin Tisi
Marc Riesenberg
Jenay Barela
Katie Moran
Jesse Landers
John Edwards
Frances Luke
Paul Kamrar
John Massman
Shelley Roberts
Raven MacDaniels
John Ray
Casey Duranleau
Caroline Brown
Cheryl Crandall
Cole Kopca
Emily Kopca
Wuming Tang
Shu Han
Stephanie Boyer
Peter Garbes
Tim Carlson
Sonja Wesche
Thorsten Frank
Heidi Kiliany
Rodd Kiliany
Mike Williams

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