Club Championships - WA Men and MOPAC

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

January 16-17, 2010 - Completed

Covers Washington Men, MOPAC Men, and MOPAC Women. Winners go on to the National Club Championship. The single Washington Women's team goes on as well.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to linescore if available. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Sat 9:00 am   MP Men-1. Taggart vs. Horsman WA Men-1. Tilker vs. Shoesmith flip for practice/color MP Women-1. Messier vs. Nowlan WA Men-2. Bromance vs. Guzman flip for practice/color
1:00 pm WA Men-3. Tilker vs. Guzman MP Women-2. Nowlan vs. Messier   WA Men-4. Shoesmith vs. Bromance MP Men-2. Horsman vs. Mendoza
6:00 pm   WA Men-5. Bromance vs. Tilker WA Men-6. Guzman vs. Shoesmith MP Men-3. Mendoza vs. Taggart MP Women-3. Messier vs. Nowlan
Sun 8:00 am MP Men-SF. Taggart vs. Horsman     WA Men-SF. Shoesmith vs. Tilker  
12:00 pm     WA Men-F. Tilker vs. Shoesmith    
Color Key: MOPAC Men MOPAC Women WA Men

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