WA State and MOPAC Mixed Championships - Draw 8

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

Draw 8. Monday February 28, 2011 2:00 pm PST

Sheet 3 - Game F - Complete
Calcagno Granite 7.800* 2 3 4     6 8          
Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Clark Granite 60.500*   1   5   7   9     10  
  1. Red well hidden. Mike draws but ticks into the open. Brady draws another in. Mike comes wide and hits another rock.
  2. Trading takouts until Mike has to draw against two.
  3. Mike comes around for a freeze and shot on red. Brady ticks but rolls off. Mike's guard comes around the existing guard to make it tougher. Brady is close to removing it with an out and in, but ...
  4. Trade rocks behind cover. Brady ticks on the guard. Mike draws another in. Brady is just a touch wide.
  5. Pete triples. Brady ticks on his draw giving Mike an open draw for three.
  6. Cristin makes a great run back takeout to replace blue in front of the button and lie 2 but removes a guard on her second shot to open it up a bit. Mike crashes on the guard. Brady taps to lie 3. Mike doubles and rolls over. Brady draws.
  7. Cristin freezes onto a blue near the button. Miyo draws the button to lie 2. Brady takes one out on the double attempt. Mike runs the guard into his own stone leaving two red. Brady draws top of the four to lie three. Mike comes narrow but wicks onto another red to take one.
  8. Cristin flashes on a hit and roll. Mike raises but angles out into the open. Brady freezes on it. Mike outside freezes but red still lies one. Brady draws.
  9. Cristin draws in a third stone. Miyo hits one and rolls out. Cristin guards right in front of the twelve. Miyo tries to runback double, but hits straight on, red still two. Brady guards higher. Mike's raise ticks the outer red and rolls outside. Brady comes through the port and freezes on his top stone leaving Mike a draw to the back rock. Mike ticks on the guard.

Color Key: MoPac Wash

*Last Stone Draw (LSD) in inches.  Lowest gets hammer in first end.

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