State Club Championships - Draw 7

Draw 7. Monday December 19, 2011 8:00 am PST

Sheet 4 - Game C7 - Complete
Pleasants   2 5 8                  
Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Violette H 3 4   6   7 9          
  Blank: 1
Winner of this game plays Kaufmann in the next draw and, if they win, Kaufmann again. Could be a long day for one of these teams...
  1. Clean first end, both teams getting a feel for the ice. Violette sitting one red after his last, but Pleasants peels.
  2. The hitting continues. Team Pleasants misses a couple, allowing Violette to get a rock biting the 8 foot with a guard, which Pleasants tries to run back but misses. Violette replaces the guard. With his first rock, Chris draws around the outside to sit one. With his last, Tom follows him down but is heavy and outside, leaving Chris an open draw to full 8 foot for two. Chris comes up light, barely biting the house, and scores one.
  3. Team Pleasants gets a guard up early and is able to hit-and-roll behind it by the mid-point of the end. Team Violette tries the runback double but misses, clearing the guard. Pleasants tries to put the guard back but ends up frozen in the house, which Leon clears with an easy double to lie one. Hitting continues, leaving one Pleasants rock in the house for Violette's final throw, which he attempts to peel but it over-curls and Violette takes one.
  4. Team Violette puts up a tight center guard, Team Pleasants tries for a corner guard but it stops short, still inside the 4-foot line. Violette draws around to top of button, Pleasants raises the red guard so Violette has two in the four foot. Violette puts up an off-center guard, which Pleasants double-peels, leaving the center open. Violette replaces the center guard, so Pleasants tries the runback double with the remaining (intended to be a corner) blue guard; they make contact, driving one red stone to the 12-foot behind tee line, while the other remains in the 4-foot. Violette draws around, sitting two in the 4-foot behind the blue guard. Pleasants tries the runback double again but misses, clearing instead Violette's center guard and the rock behind tee. Violette attempts to replace the center guard but comes up light, sitting wide of center line and leaving the double open for Pleasants, which they make to sit one blue in the 4-foot. Tom is slightly wide on a control-weight hit, peeling to leave the house open for Chris' first stone, which he puts on the 4-foot behind the center guard. Tom hits that away and rolls open, but Chris misses the open hit when his rock over-curls and the sweepers can't hold it.
  5. The hit-trading goes on. After thirds rocks by each team, Pleasants sits one in the 12-foot; Tom hits-and-rolls to the back 12-foot. Chris tries to freeze but over-curls, leaving a couple inches of separation and sitting second stone. Tom hits-and-rolls to sit two, forcing Chris to hit for one.
  6. After lead rocks, Pleasants has a narrow corner guard and a rock mostly buried, while Violette has second stone on the edge of the 4-foot and a center guard top-8. Pleasants attempts for a center guard and ends up almost frozen on the red stone, and Violette peels the blue guard, which Pleasants attempts to replace but hogs. Paul gently chips away the almost-frozen blue stone and rolls, leaving Pleasants sitting one and Violette sitting second, third, fourth. Pleasants tries for a double but hits-and-sticks instead. Leon misses narrow on the open hit, removing the red guard and rolling to bite 12-foot, giving Pleasants an opportunity to guard or hit to lie three; Pleasants opts for the guard, which Violette peels, rolling over to push out another blue stone, leaving Violette sitting second and third. Pleasants guards and Violette attempts to draw around with back-8 weight, but crashes on the guard and rolls to maybe just bite the house. Chris replaces the guard but leaves a little daylight; Tom draws around to tap back the lone blue stone and take four, but can't get enough weight on the blue stone and takes two.
  7. Violette puts a rock in the house, Pleasants puts up a corner guard, and Violette tries to draw behind but comes up short of the house, so Pleasants hits to lie one. Hits are traded, with Pleasants over-curling a hit-and-roll, leaving the house empty. Violette clears the blue corner guard, leaving a single red stone as a tight, off-center guard. Pleasants tries a come-around but is short, and Violette peels it. Pleasants' second try at the come-around finishes buried back-8. Leon follows it around to sit second, edge of top-4. Pleasants draws the other way to sit top-8. Tom decides to hit the blue rock at top-8 and it over-curls, but the sweepers save it, rolling the thrown rock to full-8 on the other side. Chris draws for button but is short, crashing on the off-center guard, but finishing in a good position to prevent a Violette raise. Tom's last rock is a draw to the button, which sits just open enough for Chris to tap it back and score two; Chris is light and Violette steals.
  8. Violette's first stone is through the house, and Pleasants follows with a center guard. Violette draws around to the 8-foot, mostly open, and Pleasants puts up another center guard. Violette attempts the double-peel but only gets one, leaving the red rock in the house fully exposed. Pleasants calls for a draw-around the guard, but ends up replacing the previously-peeled guard. Violette peels. Pleasants puts up a corner guard, but close enough to leave a double-peel opportunity for Violette; one guard is removed and the other bumped, but shooter stone rolls into the house, leaving Violette lying two. Pleasants draws, stopping short in the 8-foot, so Violette hits to lie three. Pleasants draws again, but sits mostly-open in the 4-foot, and Tom hits to lie four, covering all paths to the button. Chris tries for a gentle tap back on the shot stone, but is narrow and crashes on the guard, ultimately leaving Violette sitting three. Tom's last rock is a draw that rubs on a blue stone, leaving Chris an open hit, but not to get shot stone. Facing a steal of four, Chris attempts a double but his shot hangs, rolling the other way and just staying close enough to the 4-foot to take one.
  9. Pleasants opens with a high center guard, which Violette attempts to tick but misses, ending up in the house. Pleasants puts up a corner guard, slightly covering the red stone. Violette draws around the center guard to lie two. Pleasants follows around, but comes up light as a tight guard behind cover. Paul makes a nice double-peel of the guards, and Pleasants puts up another guard, which Paul also peels. The guard/peel trend continues, until a missed peel runs back on one of the two red rocks in the house, clearing it and leaving Violette sitting one. Pleasants draws to second stone in the house. Leon flashes a peel on a guard but hits the blue stone in the house, leaving red sitting two again. Chris draws to the house, but sits second, and Tom puts up a guard. Chris throws a hit but crashes on a guard, leaving the house unchanged. Tom draws a final stone but rubs and is swept through, leaving red sitting one. After which, Pleasants shook.

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