State Club Championships - Draw 8

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

Draw 8. Monday December 19, 2011 11:45 am PST

Sheet 2 - Game F1 - Complete
Kauffman   1 3 5   7   9          
Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Pleasants H 2 4 6 8                
Kauffman's team looks rested (they didn't have to play an 8am draw) and they're at full force today; they lost a close game to Violette yesterday, with only three players.
  1. The end starts clean, with teams trading hits in the house through the first six rocks. The hitting continues; this must have been what it was like before the Free Guard Zone rule. Violette leaves a single rock in the house for Kauffman to peel, but he misses for a nose hit and one point.
  2. Second verse, same as the first. Teams have decided that the FGZ is a dumb rule and they're ignoring it. On the 6th stone, Violette finally elects to freeze, but bumps a little and leaves it open for Kauffman to hit and sit two, but the hit is a little wide and rolls out, leaving one blue. Violette freezes again, but on the outside, so Kauffman tries to split the house to sit two; his rock under-curls and sits top-8, still two but not the position he wanted. Tom tries for the nose hit but over-curls and flashes, leaving Kauffman to put another stone top-8, and forcing Tom to draw full-8 for one. He decides to draw to the outside and it over-curls, but sweepers save it.
  3. And the hits just keep on coming. After lead rocks, Violette sits one on the edge of the 12-foot, which is peeled. Not wanting to be outdone, the thirds demonstrate that they can also peel. The skips trade hits, leaving Doug to peel the final rock, but he over-curls and is forced to take one.
  4. Sensing that the audience was getting bored, Violette chooses the tap-back instead of the hit with their first lead stone, leaving a blue rock at the back of the button. Kauffman hits-and-rolls to sit two, and Violette attempts the freeze, but over-curls to rest beside shot stone. Kauffman hits to lie three, and Violette draws for freeze again, but comes up short, top of the 8-foot. Kauffman tries to draw for a third scoring stone but comes up short, leaving the lone red rock available for a beautiful raise by Paul to lie first and fourth stones. Kauffman brings the heat, raising the red to push blue and red stones to back-8; when the movement stops, blue is sitting two with five stones in the house, and red has third shot. Violette hits shot stone and rolls, leaving Kauffman still sitting one, but red now second and third. Kauffman draws for button but is heavy, leaving a possible double for Violette to sit three. Leon is wide and hits out one to sit one. Doug tries to draw behind cover but is light and under-curls, sitting open at the top of the button, and leaving Violette a runback double to lie four. Tom is narrow and removes one each for blue and red, but Kauffman is still sitting second with an open hit to lie two. Doug nose-hits and Tom could draw for one, but decides instead to try a long double for three; he's narrow but still scores one.
  5. Hit me with your rhythm stick, hit me, hit me, hit me. A peel by Kauffman that doesn't roll out allows Violette to get a second rock in the house, which Kauffman peels. Tom splits the house with the first skip stone, and Doug freezes beautifully to it. Tom hits both out but keeps the shooter, forcing Doug to draw for one.
  6. If the audience didn't know better, they'd think they were watching a hitting practice. Eventually a rock rolls to a wide corner guard position, and Violette decides to draw behind it, but under-curls and slips just out the back of the house. Kauffman puts a rock in the house and Violette peels it, a trend that continues through skip's rocks until Tom's final stone over-curls and he's forced to take one.
  7. Violette opens with a draw to the button and Kauffman taps it to back-8, lying one. Violette tries for a hit-and-stick but rolls out, leaving a single red stone. Kauffman changes tactics and tries to put up a corner guard on the other side, but it's deep and in the house, so Violette hits and rolls to lie two. Kauffman hits but rolls out, so Violette draws to split the house. Kauffman hits, jamming on the back stone but clearing one of the reds. Violette peels the blue stone and still sits one. Kauffman tries to freeze but is a little heavy, rubbing off to leave Violette sitting shot. Leon doubles both the blue and red stones, leaving the red shooter in the house. Kauffman tries to freeze again but is short by 2 feet, and Tom picks out the blue stone to lie two. Doug freezes nicely to one of them for shot stone. Tom tries a hit but leaves one blue sitting shot, and Doug draws to the button for two.
  8. Kauffman opens with a rock in the 4-foot and Violette puts up a corner guard on the other side. Kauffman follows with a center guard and Violette tries a light hit, but is wide and rolls the blue stone to back of 4-foot. Kauffman draws to top-8, sitting two. Violette raises the blue stone, rolling the shooter to sit second and fourth stones. Kauffman puts up another near-center guard and Violette attempts to draw through a port, but crashes and opens a hole for a possible later hit. Kauffman draws for a guard but is heavy, sitting two behind the tee line in a position to be doubled. Violette draws to the button, fully buried behind a center guard. Kauffman follows him down, rubbing and sitting on the button; excitement builds as the audience is unable to determine who has shot rock. Leon throws a perfect hack-weight shot and the sweepers bring it paper-thin past the guard, driving back three blue stones and leaving Violette with two stones in the 4-foot behind cover. Doug says "anything you can do, I can do better", then throws a precise hack-weight double runback double to lie second (and maybe shot) near the edge of the 4-foot. Tom draws to full 4-foot, possibly lying two. Doug then disproves his earlier statement with a hack-weight shot to chip out shot stone that is wide and glides through the house. Tom draws again for two or three, but is heavy and goes out the back of the 4-foot. Measurement reveals that it's one red.
  9. Violette opens with a center guard and Kauffman draws behind it, half-buried in the 8-foot. Violette puts up another center guard and Kauffman puts up a narrow corner guard. Violette draws around but comes up short, leaving a corner guard. Kauffman taps back the corner guard to sit two behind a lot of cover, but with a narrow port that Violette draws through, tapping to sit one red top-8 and two blue in the 4-foot. Kauffman draws around, putting a guard full-12 to prevent a heavy draw but leaving a slash double/triple. Violette peels the guard, driving it back into the stones in the 4-foot and hitting one out, but leaving the guard in its place. Kauffman draws to replace the guard and is heavy, sliding through the house. Leon makes a nice runback double on a blue stone, leaving one blue and one red in the house, with blue shot at top-4. Kauffman draws down to angle-freeze on the red stone, hoping to prevent a runback, but over-curls and sits on the nose. Tom makes a difficult slash runback peel on the other side to remove the just-thrown blue stone. Doug is narrow on a draw around, rubbing off a center guard and rolling to the corner guard position. Tom tries to draw through a small port to get inside 4-foot, but rubs and stops full-12, leaving Doug a draw for two with full-8. And he makes it.
  10. Kauffman throws through and Violette puts up a high corner guard. Kauffman throws through again and Violette puts up the other corner guard. Let the peeling begin. Guard, peel, guard, peel; you get the idea. With 4 rocks left, Violette calls for a draw behind the remaining guard, in the 3 position. John makes a great runback double of both red stones. Violette draws into the house and Kauffman nose-hits it out. With only 2 rocks left to throw, Violette shakes.

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