Men's Western Regional - Draw 5

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

Draw 5. Saturday January 7, 2012 2:00 pm PST

Sheet 1 - Game D51 - Complete
Guzman 73.000* 2   4     5   7 8      
Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Kauffman 2.200* 1     3 6   9          
Both teams are out of contention. I'm not sure why they are playing it, especially since the bar is open. Stay tuned for the half-way point - the losing team will be playing without pants!
  1. They are still playing....
  2. Tilker, subbing for Guzman makes a nice shot. Still playing the 2nd end - they may run out of time at this pace...
  3. Still playing!
  4. They should stack their brooms for a break at the bar.
  5. Guzman takes 3 to force Kauffman's team to play with no pants!
  6. What's going on? They're still wearing pants? I can't believe are going to renege on the bet. There are a ton of rocks in play!
  7. The officials declared a uniform violation to prevent the Kauffman team from removing their pants. Betty was also concerned that they might dribble on the ice.
  8. Guzman steals another in this game that still means nothing - except bragging rights to them. :)
  9. Really? Still playing?
  10. Somehow they made up some time. Kauffman scores one- not quite enough....
Sheet 5 - Game D52 - Complete
Beighton   3   5   7 9            
Blank: 2 Score
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Johnson 6.200* 1   4   6 8 10          
This game starts the best of 3 series. Both teams are undefeated. The game is being streamed at
  1. Clark made a nice come-around draw to the four foot. Beighton's rock was overswept on the run-back and rolled out to leave Clark with a steal of one.
  2. Free guard zone appears wasted on this end. House remains clear into second stones. Survey says that Beighton needs to lose the hat. Clark's first shot to the top of the 4 foot in attempt to force Beighton to one. Beighton's first shot removes Clark's stone and rolls to the left 12 foot. Beighton's last rock removes the Clark stone on the 12 foot and rolls out to blank the end.
  3. Ouch - Lundeen wrecks on the guard on his come around. Guy's takeout is wide, but still makes contact and clears the house. Slightly boring clean end. Clark is sitting 3 after picking out Beighton's almost freeze to Clark's stone in the back 12. Beighton draws for one to the back 12 foot stone.
  4. Lundeen makes another nice come-around the top 4 foot. Guy makes a nice draw to back 4 foot. Lundeen makes another come around to tap his own back onto Guy's, forcing it further back in the four foot. Galey almost falls coming out of the hack for the peel of the guard and still makes the shot! Clark calls for a center guard, and Galey comes around and makes the double. Romaniuk makes a nice come around to the top 4 foot for shot. Lundeen and Romaniuk save's Lehto's backline tap back which rolls to the top 4 foot, almost buried. Clark still sits one with Beighton in the back 4. Ernst freeze is heavy and taps Lehto's shot to the 4 foot for Clark to lie 2. Lehto and Clark are still talking about what to do.... tick tock! Lehto's shot which his sweepers save again, over curls a tad but comes into bite the 8 foot taking away the double. Turns out Beighton's front end needed a little more muscle as his tap wrecks on the guard. Clark could have opted for a high risk hit to sit 4 but chose to play it safe and guard his 2. Beighton's angle tap back over curls and he taps to full 8 foot out of scoring range. Clark's draw for 3 comes up slightly wide and takes just 2.
  5. Romaniuk makes a nice double to leave his rock on the center line to guard their own on the top 4 foot. Galey takes out the guard and leaves the rock on the 4 foot. Lehto replaces the guard and Galey returns with a double. Lehto makes a nice come around to sit on the back 4 foot. He makes another nice come around to sit top 8 foot. Ernst responds with a hit on the rock in the 4 foot and rolls slightly behind Lehto's rock on the 8 foot to sit shot. OUCH! Clark flashes the take out. Beighton returns with a nice come around on the other side of the house to sit back 8 foot behind cover. Clark's last shot removes the rock on the 4 foot and rolls beside Beighton's on the back 8 foot. Beighton removes Clark's rock for 2 to tie the game at the 5th end break.
  6. Romaniuk wrecks on the guard which leaves Beighton with 2 in the house. Beighton replaces the guard and Lehto wrecks on the guard as well. Beighton replaces the guard forcing Lehto to play the rock on the top 12. He hits and rolls to the right, just barely in play. Beighton draws to the top 12, sitting 2. Clark draws to the top 4 foot, but open. Beighton's hit is wide and hits his own guard, but manages to roll into the top 4 foot, leaving Clark shot. Clark removes Beighton's stone on the 4 foot to take 2.
  7. Clark is sitting shot on the back four behind their own guard on the center line. Beighton froze to their rock, but Clark is still shot. Beighton removes the center guards to open things up. Lehto's guard over curls to leave the four foot open. Beighton capitalizes and taps his own back to remove Clark's shot rock. Lehto's double attempt is saved again by his front end, but only removes one. Beighton takes Clark's rock out and rolls to the far 12 foot, sitting 2. Clark taps his own back to the 4 foot, but Beighton is still shot on the back 4. Beighton draws to the back 4 and Clark returns with a draw almost down to it for shot on the 4 foot. Beighton makes a great draw through the hole to score 2.
  8. Romaniuk's come around overcurled and popped out from behind the guard, but is still shot on the top 4. Beighton Galey removes the Clark rock on the 12 foot. Romaniuk's rock picks, but still ends up as a nice center line guard. Ernst makes a nice freeze to the Clark stone on the top 4 foot. Lehto blows it and his front end couldn't even save this shot - he wrecks on the guard and gives Beighton a chance capitalize. Ernst taps his own back to remove the Clark stone to sit 3. Lehto's rock is overswept and he wrecks on the guard again. Unlucky break. Beighton guards the 2 on the 4 foot and Clark tries a corner raise back and is wide to only remove one, but sitting 2nd shot. beighton removes the 2nd shot stone to lie 3 again. Clark makes a draw to the 4 foot (with a lot of sweeping help from all 3 team members) to score 1.
  9. Beighton is sitting 2 on the 4 foot. Romaniuk attempts a double but wrecks on his own guard, but still manages to take one out. Lehto takes out the rock on the back 4 to sit 1. Ernst wrecks on the guard but rolls in to the top 12. Lehto taps it over and rolls his own slightly under cover in the top 8. Ernst removes it with a fluke shot to sit top 8 on the center line. Clark removes it but his rock over curls and Beighton still lies 2nd shot. Beighton just gets by the guard to remove the Clark stone on the back 4, but is wide open. Clark removes the rock and rolls behind cover to lie shot forcing Beighton to draw for 1. Beighton barely makes the draw for 1.
  10. Clark sitting 2 as he starts to remove the 2 Beighton guards. Romaniuk removes one guard and Galey barely makes over the hog line to replace it. Lehto almost makes his CFP, but his sweepers hold it and he removes a guard and almost one in the house. Clark is still sitting 2 with 2 Beighton guards still out front. Lehto noses the peel on the guards and removes one of their own in the back. Beighton draws to the other side to sit shot. Clark draws down to it and taps it back to sit shot. Beighton comes up short to give the win to Clark.
Thanks Patti for the commentary!

*Last Stone Draw (LSD) in inches.  Lowest gets hammer in first end.

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