Men's Western Regional - Draw 6

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

Draw 6. Saturday January 7, 2012 7:00 pm PST

Sheet 4 - Game TB1 - Complete
Beighton     1 4   6              
Blank: 7 8 9 Score
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Johnson H 2 3   5   10            
  1. Comments from the crowd "If I had a fantasy curling team, I would chose Darren Lehto for one of my sweepers". Meanwhile, Mike is making the moves on me since Darren is "busy". He also wanted to point out that the Johnson team was Leon's 2nd choice...
    Beighton was sitting 2 in the 4 foot, but Lehto makes a nice draw to cover part of the pin. Difficult to tell who is shot. Lehto runs back a guard and takes his own out. Beighton is now sitting 3 after a nice draw. Clark is tight on the takeout and only removes one. Beighton is still sitting 2. Tough shot for Clark - he misses his run back double take out and gives up a steal of 2.
  2. Guy draws around their guard and sits on the back 4. Lundeen attempts a draw down to it and comes up short and open on the 12 foot. Galey's draw overcurls and wrecks on the guard. Romaniuk makes a nice draw to the 4 foot, half buried. His second shot is a little heavy and they angle tap their own further back on the 4 foot. Earnst throws narrow and wrecks on the guard, pushing another Clark stone into the rings. Clark is sitting 2. Nice shot by Beighton! Cross house double and bumps Clark's shot on the 4 foot back to sit shot. Clark draws down the stone on the 4 foot, but is not shot. Beighton throws a top house guard. Clark throws a draw to tap their red back on Beighton's stone in the back four. Clark comes up short and only takes 1.
  3. Guy makes a nice draw around the guard to sit on the button. Lundeen draws down beside it. Guy takes out the Clark guard which is replaced due to the free guard zone rules. Galey makes a nice draw to sit 2 on the four foot. Romaniuk taps one into the 4 foot. Galey removes the Clark center guard. Lehto comes up short to sit top 8 on the center line - he needed to tap their own a few inches back. Ernst removes the stone on the top 8. Lehto taps their own a few inches back. Ernst removes a few stones (both teams) and rolls out. Clark throws a top house guard - he is still sitting one. Beighton's overcurls and he makes a crossfacepeel! (that's a $1 payment to Lehto- CFP). Clark tries in in-off but ends up 3rd shot. Beighton tries a similar in-off to remove the Clark shot stone on the button but misses which gives Clark a steal of 1.
  4. Guy makes a nice come around draw to the top 12. Romaniuk just barely ticks Guy's shot and rolls to the 4 foot, open. Galey removes the Clark stone and rolls to the 12 foot. Lehto doesn't disappoint his fantasy curling fan, and sweeps Romaniuk's stone past the guard to remove the Beighton stone on the 12 foot. Galey removes the Clark stone on the 12 foot to sit 2. Clark removes the Beighton stone on the far 12 foot. Ernst trades rocks. Lehto barely removes the Ernst rock and rolls out. Ernst draw slides too deep and Clark sweeps it out the back, but still in play. Clark attempts to remove the Beighton stone in the top 12 but it doesn't curl enough and it jams on the far back stone and Beighton is shot. Beighton doesn't quite remove the Clark stone and rolls across the house. Fantasy sweeper Lehto, sweeps it out of the house. Clark removes the remaining Beighton stone and sits shot in the back 12. Beighton draws and thanks to his sweepers, he gets his 1. This game is all about the skips killing their sweepers...
  5. Lundeen makes a nice come around draw behind Beighton cover to top 4. Guy taps it out behind cover and rolls to the 4 foot. Lundeen throws a nice top 8 guard. Galey makes a nice shot to tap Lundeen's first shot out the back. Clark is still shot on the 4 foot. Romaniuk removes the Beighton stone on the 4 foot. Galey noses it sits 2nd shot in the 8 foot, open. Romaniuk makes a nice hit and roll to leave Clark sitting 2. Ernst raises their own onto one of the Clark stones - Clark is still sitting 1. Lehto taps their own to sit top 4, but leaves a tough double opportunity for Ernst. Ernst wrecked on the guard. Lehto removes the Beighton stone on the 8 foot an rolls away to sit 3. Beighton's rock over curls and he only removes 1. Clark draws to the side to sit 3. Beighton makes a nice double but rolls to 2nd shot. Clark draws for 2. Lehto came out of the house to assist, but walks away without helping the front end - the crowd says this is a textbook slowdown...
  6. Guy draws to the button half buried. Romaniuk taps it to the back four (buried) and leaves his open (shot) on the 4 foot. Galey taps it out and rolls behind the guard to sit 2. Romaniuk taps the Beighton stone leaving 2 Beighton stones frozen on the 4 foot (shot and 2nd). Ernst wrecks on the guard. Lehto makes a nice thin double to remove the 2 on the 4 foot and sit 2. Ernst jams the Clark stone back and sits 1. Lehto picks out the Beighton stone and rolls out. Ernst removes the Clark stone and sits 2. Clark throws for the double but hits it too thin and only removes 1. Beighton draws to sit 2 and Clark attempts the double again and comes up short to remove only one. Beighton has an open draw for 2.
  7. There is a cornbroom sweeping clinic upstairs which is leaving Tilker winded. Apparently it is his best workout since the one he had at home by himself this morning. Meanwhile, on the ice, the teams are keeping the house clean. Third stones and the house is still clean, just a Clark guard which Lehto attempts to draw behind. He comes up short and leaves it wide open, biting top 8 foot. Beighton removes the stone and rolls to the other side to sit above the t-line, full 8 foot. Clark and Beighton trade stones. Clark blanks the end.
  8. Guy throws to the back pin to try to force Clark to a clean end. Clark ignores it calls for a corner guard - Lundeen delivers. Guy places a guard in the top 8 and Lundeen removes it. Romaniuk draws to bite the pin leaving a few inches between the Beighton stone. Galey's doesn't curl enough and jams the Clark rock back and removes their own as well. Romaniuk removes the Beighton rock on the top 4 to sit 2, but both rocks are open. Ernst makes a nice hit and roll to sit half buried on the top 8. Lehto's takeout barely curls enough and both rocks roll out, although the Clark stone is still in play at the back. Lehto's rock had the right weight, but didn't curl enough. It sits shot in the back 12. Beighton picks out Clark's stone to sit 2 frozen on the back 12. Clark draws to the pocket to sit 1. Beighton removes them all. Clark throws for the blank.
  9. Galey wrecks on the guard and leaves the Clark stone on the top 8 foot. Lundeen makes a nice come around to sit buried on the t-line, full 8 foot. Galey flashes. Ouch. Romaniuk, taps their own straight back to the back 8 foot. Galey flashes again. Double ouch! Lehto adds a top 12 foot guard to lie 4. Ernst makes a triple! Tilker almost takes the glass out upstairs banging on the glass. Lehto removes the Beighton stone on the top 12, just missing their own which remains in the back 8 foot. Beighton attemps a run back double but jams and leaves Clark on the back 4 foot. Clark draws down to bite the pin, but leaves it open for a double opportunity. Beighton makes it! Clark is forced to blank the 9th.
  10. Beighton puts his first rock in the rings, top 4 foot, and Clark answers back with a corner guard. Beighton puts a guard on the top 12 and Lundeen peels it but misses the double opportunity. Romaniuk taps one of Beighton's stones to the 4 foot and rolls on top of the other Beighton stone. Beighton takes time discuss the next shot with the team. Beighton chooses a center guard to guard his 2 shots on the 4 foot. Romaniuk takes one out on the 4 foot and rolls to back 12. Ernst leaves a double opportunity, but Lehto is wide and jams, leaving Beighton shot. Ernst taps his back further into the 4 foot, leaving another double that Lehto misses, only getting one. Beighton is taking a long time to make his shot - taking a timeout as well. Beighton makes a freeze through the hole. Clark attempts to nose it to remove their back rock on the top 4. Clark makes the shot and Beighton answers back with the same shot. It looks like he rolls too far, 3rd shot. Clark has an open hit through the port for 2 and the win. Clark makes the hit and makes the double for the win! Congratulations Clark team!

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