State Club Championships

Team Meeting

The team meeting is at 8:15 Saturday morning



Single round-robin with double knockout provision.  The single winner goes on to the national club championship.


Double round-robin.  The single winner goes on to the national club championship.

Rules of Play

1.            USCA rules of play govern play unless noted below.

2.            Games are 10 ends with extra ends played as necessary.  Games are timed.   Practice time and rock color are on the draw schedule.  For the first men’s games, choice of practice time is by coin toss at the end of the team meeting.

3.            First practice begins 30 minutes prior to the scheduled draw time.  Second practice begins 20 minutes prior to the scheduled draw time.  Practice is 9 minutes of delivery and sweeping.  After practice, one player delivers a Last Stone Draw (LSD).  The team with the shortest distance has choice to deliver first or second in the first end. Be sure to record the LSD as its average (DSC) may be necessary for placement in the playoffs.  Teams not available for practice receive an LSD of 73 (inches).  If LSD is a tie, flip a coin for who gets choice of delivery.

4.            Please post scores promptly after each end – including the final end.

Playoff Scenarios

After the round-robin.  All playoffs are on Monday at 9 and 2.

·         One team has one loss, one team has no losses – teams play until one team has two losses total.  Undefeated team gets choice of rocks and hammer in first game. (Only possible for Men)

·         Two way tie for first – single game playoff

·         Three way tie for first – two game playoff.  Team with lowest DSC gets bye to final.

·         Otherwise – team with best record is the winner

Men’s Seeding