Washington Club Championships - Draw 4

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

Draw 4. Sunday January 18, 2015 2:00 pm PST

Sheet 4 - Game F1 - Complete
Sieg GCC     2 6     8 9          
Blank: 3 Score
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Guzman GCC H 1 4 5   7              
As RR winner, Seig picks second practice. Guz pick red rocks.
  1. peel and roll. hit and roll. hit and stick, blue lies 2 vertically aligned left twelve front and back. Matt's draw is heavy. Lyle draws left four not buried. Benj hits and rolls behind the top blue. Lyle runs back blue into red into blue - blue lying one. Benj hits and rolls.
  2. center guard. come around top of house. runback takeout. Steve four foot draw partly buried. Peter draws side four. Ken draws red into blue, red now shot. Peter hits and rolls to lie 2 behind the guard. Ken peels the guard. Matt guards. Tom hits and rolls to left on top red. Matt hits and sticks. Tom doubles leaving two blue in the house. Benj bumps back blue about six inches. Lyle bumps red back about six inches - just touching the tee. Benj bumps the blue into the red. Lyle flashes.
  3. Tom doubles leaving only shooter in play left back eight. Benj hits and sticks. Lyle hits and sticks. Benj hits and rolls to twelve at tee line. Lyle hits and sticks.
  4. five rocks touching or in four foot. Tom runs back a guard to take three of them out leaving red shot in front of a blue at the back of the four. Matt splits on the red leaving red lying two - one in front of the blue. Tom draws heavy through the middle. Matt draws through the middle too. Lyle follows although he's at least second shot right now - If read bumps that rock back an inch, red will lie three. Benj throws weight and lies three anyway - there are eight rocks in the house. Lyle hits and rolls on the outside one and rolls in front of the center one to lie one. If Benj can hit and push it through the two, he takes four - but instead he takes one or two. Measure for which.
  5. Jeremy draws button, Steve corner guard. Jeremy center guard. Steve raises red and splits them. Peter draws to lie 3 - all in the four. Ken hits and sticks on the center one to lie 1. Peter hits and rolls three feet to the outside. Ken draws a touch light top of four. Matt guards top eight. Tom kinda doubles - but red still lies one. Matt guards possible raise. Tom tries a long outside raise and makes it with help from a tick of one his own - blue lies two. Benj bumps back shot rock to lie one. Lyle bumps it back and rolls a touch inside. Benj comes around the other side but is a bit wide and raises blue - blue lies two. Lyle draws.
  6. Steve draws the button. Jeremy bumps and rolls to the side a foot. Steve hits and sticks. Jeremy doubles and rolls to outer twelve - one blue is back twelve. Ken hits the red and jams on the blue to sit on the edge of the eight. Ken and Peter exchange shots that escape me. Peter guards the corner. Tom peels the corner. Matt puts up a corner guard. Tom peels it. Matt puts up the other corner. Lyle takes a time out, then draws opposite the corner - but is heavy. Benj draws near the corner back eight fully exposed. Lyle hits and sticks to lie 2. Benj is heavy on his draw.
  7. Steve draws top eight. Jeremy corner guards. Steve throws through - he wanted to split. Jeremy guards the other corner. Ken peels almost double. Peter replaces the corner. Ken peels almost doubling again. Peter corners. Tom peels on the other side. Matt come around the corner and bites the twelve at least half exposed. Tom flashes. Matt hits and rolls to the edge of the twelve. Lyle hits and rolls to back eight exposed. Benj barely hits and rolls out - one red left in the house behind half a guard. Lyle hits and runs Benj out of rocks.

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