Washington Junior & Senior State Championships

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 26-28, 2015 - Completed

Washington State Junior Championship to determine the representative to the Junior National Championships. Team listed first will have red rocks and first practice in all draws, except if the juniors go to game 3 they will flip for rock selection.

Teams - 5

Team Name Members W L
Junior Men
Connolly Nick Connolly, Aaron Carlson, Benjamin Richardson, Jack Frank 2 0
Kauffman Connor Kauffman, Aidan Gray, Ryan McDade, Peder Jacobson 0 2
Senior Men
Sieg Lyle Sieg, Tom Violette, Ken Trask, Steve Lundeen, Duane Rutan 3 0
Pleasants James Pleasants, David Cornfield, Doug Potter, Pat Sweet, Keith Schreiber 1 2
Smith Charles Smith, Barry VanWieringen, Stuart Beck, Mike Babcock, Ethan Bradford 1 3

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