2019 National Mixed Doubles Championship

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

February 27 - March 3, 2019 - Completed

2019 National Mixed Doubles Championship

In a close final, Cory Christensen and John Shuster defeated Vicky Persinger and Christopher Plys to win this championship and a trip to the World Championship in Stavanger, Norway in April.

Basic and Media Information.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to linescore if available. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5 Practice Wait
Tue 7:00 pm Meet and Greet
Wed 10:00 am Media Event
1:30 pm Practice Sinclair/Beighton Practice Moores/Wheeler Practice Persinger/Plys Practice Anderson/McLean Practice Hamilton Practice Stolt
3:15 pm Team Meeting
4:00 pm Practice Roth/Nernberger Practice Walker/Leichter Practice Christensen/Shuster Practice Anderson/Dropkin Practice Good/Guy Practice Peterson/Polo
7:00 pm Stolt vs. Hamilton f Roth/Nernberger vs. Peterson/Polo f Persinger/Plys vs. Christensen/Shuster f Anderson/McLean vs. Moores/Wheeler f Anderson/Dropkin vs. Sinclair/Beighton f
9:00 pm Wednesday Evening Practice (starts shortly after final game completes)
Thu 10:00 am Walker/Leichter vs. Good/Guy f Moores/Wheeler vs. Anderson/Dropkin   Persinger/Plys vs. Sinclair/Beighton  
2:30 pm Persinger/Plys vs. Moores/Wheeler Hamilton vs. Roth/Nernberger Good/Guy vs. Stolt Walker/Leichter vs. Peterson/Polo Christensen/Shuster vs. Anderson/McLean
7:00 pm Good/Guy vs. Peterson/Polo Christensen/Shuster vs. Sinclair/Beighton Anderson/McLean vs. Anderson/Dropkin Stolt vs. Roth/Nernberger Walker/Leichter vs. Hamilton
9:00 pm Thursday Evening Practice (starts shortly after final game completes)
Fri 10:00 am   Stolt vs. Walker/Leichter Peterson/Polo vs. Hamilton    
2:30 pm Anderson/Dropkin vs. Christensen/Shuster Anderson/McLean vs. Persinger/Plys Sinclair/Beighton vs. Moores/Wheeler Roth/Nernberger vs. Good/Guy Peterson/Polo vs. Stolt
7:00 pm Sinclair/Beighton vs. Anderson/McLean Hamilton vs. Good/Guy Roth/Nernberger vs. Walker/Leichter Moores/Wheeler vs. Christensen/Shuster Anderson/Dropkin vs. Persinger/Plys
Sat 2:30 pm   QF1. Hamilton vs. Christensen/Shuster W:SF1 *   QF2. Anderson/Dropkin vs. Roth/Nernberger W:SF2 *  
7:00 pm   SF2. Persinger/Plys vs. Roth/Nernberger W:F *   SF1. Peterson/Polo vs. Christensen/Shuster W:F *  
Sun 11:00 am     F. Christensen/Shuster vs. Persinger/Plys *    

Team listed first is yellow and practices first, except f games - flip for practice. If two TB draws, Saturday's games are 8am, 12n, 4, and 8pm. *Actual Sheet TBD

Color Key: Pool A Pool B

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