Men's and Women's Olympic Trials Qualifier

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

September 3-6, 2021 - Completed

Men's and Women's Olympic Trials Qualifier

Through the Trials Qualifying Series, three men’s and three women’s teams will qualify for the 2022 U.S. Olympic Trials for Curling. Teams will qualify by winning either of the two Trials Qualifying events - of which this is one. The third team to qualify through the Series will have earned the most WCF World Team Ranking points combined in the two Series events.
Live and Replay Streaming

Winning team in bold. Time is link to linescore if available. All times are PDT.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5 Practice Wait
Thu 4:00 pm Practice Corbett Practice Sobering Practice Connolly Practice Siggins Practice Casper
6:30 pm Practice Bear Practice McMakin Practice Rhyme Practice Strouse Practice Birklid
9:00 pm Practice Ruohonen Practice Persinger Practice Dunnam Practice Violette Practice Birr Practice Workin
Fri 9:00 am A3. Birklid vs. Siggins W:A7, L:B1 A1. Sobering vs. Casper W:A4, L:B2 Strouse vs. McMakin A2. Corbett vs. Connolly W:A6, L:B3 Rhyme vs. Bear
2:00 pm A6. Persinger vs. Connolly W:A9, L:B2 A7. Dunnam vs. Siggins W:A9, L:B4   A4. Ruohonen vs. Sobering W:A8, L:B3 A5. Violette vs. Birr W:A8, L:B1
7:00 pm B3. Corbett vs. Sobering W:B6, L:C1 Workin vs. Rhyme B1. Birklid vs. Violette W:B6, L:C1 Strouse vs. Bear B2. Casper vs. Connolly W:B4, L:C2
Sat 9:00 am   A8. Ruohonen vs. Birr W:A10, L:B5 B4. Siggins vs. Casper W:B5, L:C3 A9. Persinger vs. Dunnam W:A10, L:B7  
2:00 pm McMakin vs. Rhyme C1. Birklid vs. Sobering W:C3 Bear vs. Workin B6. Violette vs. Corbett W:B7, L:C2 B5. Birr vs. Casper W:B8, L:C4
7:00 pm B7. Persinger vs. Violette W:B8, L:C5   C2. Connolly vs. Corbett W:C4   Workin vs. Strouse
Sun 9:00 am   Bear vs. McMakin A10. Ruohonen vs. Dunnam W:AvB, L:B9 B8. Birr vs. Persinger W:B9, L:C6 C3. Siggins vs. Birklid W:C5
2:00 pm   C5. Violette vs. Birklid W:C6 B9. Ruohonen vs. Persinger W:AvB, L:C7 C4. Casper vs. Corbett W:C7  
7:00 pm   Rhyme vs. Strouse C6. Birr vs. Violette W:C8 McMakin vs. Workin C7. Persinger vs. Casper W:C8
Mon 9:00 am   C8. Violette vs. Persinger W:SF AvB. Dunnam vs. Ruohonen W:Final, L:SF    
2:00 pm     SF. Violette vs. Dunnam W:Final    
7:00 pm     Final. Ruohonen vs. Dunnam    

Women's round robin - Team listed first throws RED rocks and has FIRST practice; n: as needed

Color Key: Men Women

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