PNWCA 5-and-under Championships

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 4-5, 2021 - In Planning

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The Pacific Northwest Curling Association (PNWCA) Under-18 Championship. Signup at the USA Curling website.

In addition, PNWCA is excited to announce their inaugural 5 and Under Championship. This event is open to teams of curlers in the PNWCA region with 5 or fewer years of experience (excluding the 2020-21 season). This is an Open event, and teams may be composed of curlers from multiple clubs. This event is expected to be a qualifier for USA Curling's 5 and Under National Championship. The event is open to 8 teams, registration is first come, first served, but 1 slot is reserved for Inland Northwest Curling and 2 slots are reserved for Evergreen Curling Club until November 15th. Teams will be asked to submit a form attesting to their 5-Under eligibility status at a later date, and all participants must abide by Granite Curling Club's COVID-19 Policy.

The event format depends on the number of teams, however if the event is full, it will be a 3-game minimum.

If you're interested but need a team, please email and we'll do our best to connect you with other interested curlers.

This event is currently at capacity. Future entries will be added to the waitlist.

Teams - 8

Team Name From Members
Schneider Evergreen CC Brandon Maurisak, Lindsey Goss, Jeanie King, Kelsey Schneider
Dimmit Granite Will Dimmit, Erik Sanders, Will Eastler, Neal Digre
Zheng Granite Bowen Zheng, Allison Tan, Alex Ge, Steven Hagen
Williams Granite Mike Williams, Scott Laidlaw, Matt McLaughlin, Suzanne McLaughlin
Taylor Granite Mike Taylor, Chad Johnson, Cole Kopca, Mary Holmes
Matt Rockett Evergreen Curling Matt Rockett, Jason Moreland, Mark Ellis, Jeff Vingelen
Garrett INWC Kathy Garrett, Lauren Garrett, George Thomsen, Matt Selle
Canning Granite John Canning, Kellen Chow, Alex Chow, Brian Mankinen