PNWCA 5-and-Under Championship

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 16-18, 2022 - Completed

The PNWCA 5-and-Under Championship is back with an expanded field of 12 teams. Pool play format, 4 game guarantee. Games start Friday morning. Winner of the A event will earn a berth to the 2023 USA Curling 5-and-Under National Championship.

Format: Teams will play a round robin within their pools and then be ranked by record, with ties broken by head-to-head then DSC. From each pool, top 2 teams advance to "A" event and bottom 2 advance to "B" event. Top 2 teams in each event will get a bye to the semifinals.

Link to DSC results

Winning team in bold. Time is link to linescore if available. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 8:00 am Team Meeting
9:00 am Floriana A Foarta vs. CK1 House Trained vs. Neumann Jayson cornwell vs. Something Williams vs. Team Blacksher Big Willie Style vs. Erik R Sanders
1:30 pm Super(market) Sweepe vs. Dimmit Big Willie Style vs. Something Floriana A Foarta vs. House Trained Jayson cornwell vs. Erik R Sanders CK1 vs. Neumann
Sat 9:00 am Big Willie Style vs. Jayson cornwell CK1 vs. House Trained Williams vs. Super(market) Sweepe Floriana A Foarta vs. Neumann Team Blacksher vs. Dimmit
1:00 pm   Team Blacksher vs. Super(market) Sweepe Something vs. Erik R Sanders Williams vs. Dimmit  
5:00 pm   A1. Erik R Sanders vs. Williams W:A3 A quarterfinal #1 B1. Team Blacksher vs. Jayson cornwell W:B3 B quarterfinal #1 B2. House Trained vs. Dimmit W:B4 B quarterfinal #2 A2. CK1 vs. Neumann W:A4 A quarterfinal #2
Sun 9:00 am B3. Floriana A Foarta vs. Team Blacksher W:B5 B semifinal #1 B4. Something vs. Dimmit W:B5 B semifinal #2 A3. Big Willie Style vs. Williams W:A5 A semifinal #1 A4. Super(market) Sweepe vs. Neumann W:A5 A semifinal #2  
2:00 pm   A5. Big Willie Style vs. Super(market) Sweepe A final   B5. Team Blacksher vs. Dimmit B final  
Color Key: Hood Rainier St Helens

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