2023 Junior National Championships

Broomstones Curling Club

April 3-8, 2023 - Upcoming

2023 Junior National Championships

This six day event features the top U21 women's and men's teams in the United States competing for a National Championship. The winner represents the US at the World Junior Curling Championships in April 2024. Previous competitors in this event are currently at the top of USA Curling's women's and men's teams. Broomstones has had many medalists at the event, and it is the pinnacle of the Juniors program, of which Broomstones is recognized as a national leader.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4
Sun 6:00 pm Welcome Reception
Mon 8:00 am Practice Cenzalli Practice Rose Practice Grabow Practice Wendling
9:45 am Practice Guentzel Practice Hebert Practice Carlson Practice Brenden
11:00 am Officials / Team Meeting
11:30 am Practice Thurlow Practice Viau Practice Ponzio Practice Johnson
1:15 pm Practice Pekowitz Practice Ryhorchuk Practice Berg Practice Hagenbuch
3:30 pm Hebert vs. Rose Brenden vs. Carlson Wendling vs. Cenzalli Guentzel vs. Grabow
6:30 pm Opening Ceremony
8:30 pm Viau vs. Berg Ponzio vs. Johnson Pekowitz vs. Hagenbuch Thurlow vs. Ryhorchuk
Tue 8:00 am Cenzalli vs. Carlson Rose vs. Grabow Hebert vs. Guentzel Brenden vs. Wendling
12:00 pm Hagenbuch vs. Johnson Berg vs. Ryhorchuk Viau vs. Thurlow Ponzio vs. Pekowitz
4:00 pm Wendling vs. Hebert * Carlson vs. Guentzel Brenden vs. Grabow Rose vs. Cenzalli *
8:00 pm Pekowitz vs. Viau * Johnson vs. Thurlow Ponzio vs. Ryhorchuk Berg vs. Hagenbuch *
Wed 10:00 am Brenden vs. Guentzel * Wendling vs. Rose Cenzalli vs. Hebert Grabow vs. Carlson *
2:30 pm Ponzio vs. Thurlow * Pekowitz vs. Berg Hagenbuch vs. Viau Ryhorchuk vs. Johnson *
7:00 pm Grabow vs. Cenzalli Hebert vs. Brenden Rose vs. Carlson Wendling vs. Guentzel
Thu 8:00 am Ryhorchuk vs. Hagenbuch Viau vs. Ponzio Berg vs. Johnson Pekowitz vs. Thurlow
12:00 pm Rose vs. Brenden Guentzel vs. Cenzalli Grabow vs. Wendling Carlson vs. Hebert
4:00 pm Berg vs. Ponzio Thurlow vs. Hagenbuch Ryhorchuk vs. Pekowitz Johnson vs. Viau
8:00 pm Carlson vs. Wendling Grabow vs. Hebert Guentzel vs. Rose Cenzalli vs. Brenden
Fri 9:00 am Johnson vs. Pekowitz Ryhorchuk vs. Viau Thurlow vs. Berg Hagenbuch vs. Ponzio
12:00 pm Event Awards
1:00 pm   TB1. Seed 81 vs. Seed 82 TB2. Seed 83 vs. Seed 84  
7:00 pm MP1. Seed 101 vs. Seed 102 W:MF, L:MSF MP2. Seed 103 vs. Seed 104 W:MSF WP2. Seed 123 vs. Seed 124 W:WSF WP1. Seed 121 vs. Seed 122 W:WF, L:WSF
Sat 10:00 am   WSF. Loser WP1 vs. Winner WP2 W:WF MSF. Loser MP1 vs. Winner MP2 W:MF  
5:00 pm   MF. Winner MP1 vs. Winner MSF WF. Winner WP1 vs. Winner WSF  
7:30 pm Medal Ceremony

Team listed first has first practice and red rocks except *flip for practice

Color Key: Women Men

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