Bonspiel Results: 5 & Under Bonspiel - Game of Stones

March 3, 2024 - 8:51pm -- Shannon Brown

On March 2-3, we hosted our 5 & Under Bonspiel - Games of Stones. We had 60 curlers participate in this 4-end game, two-day event. Thanks to Chad Johnson for coordinating such a great event, and many thanks to our amazing kitchen volunteer, ice crew, bartenders, and of course, coaches!

Congratulations to our winners!
Pool A Winner: House Lannister - John Massman, Raven MacDaniels, Carolyn Beranek, Cole Kopca [Coach Steven Corcoran]
Pool B Winner: House Targaryen - Kristen Lee, Andrew Parrish, Micah Jenkins, Mike Williams [Coach Sam Sparks]
Pool C Co-Winner: BAWGOT - Amanda Willey, Cheryl Crandall, Cyndi Parrish, Emily Kopca [Coach Katie Kauffman]
Pool C Co-Winner: House Greyjoy - Miyoko Baensch, Jesse Landers, Chris Riley, Peter Garbes [Coach Suzannah Klaniecki]