April Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

April 11-14, 2013 - Completed

Open Spiel, 4 game guarantee, 56 team maximum. Largest Spiel of the season, not to be missed!!! Entry fee due by March 1st. All teams must be able to start at 11am on Friday. Theme is the wild, wild west! Theme this year is Western.

Winning team in bold. All times are PDT.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Thu 6:00 pm A1. Chris Rimple vs. Team Eng-Dinsel W:A29, L:B1 A3. Larry Weir vs. Jessica Schultz W:A30, L:B2 A5. Ken Mabbatt vs. Nate Levin W:A31, L:B3 A4. David DeBois vs. Dean eriksen W:A30, L:B2 A2. Hammered Hombrés (The Drunk Mariachi Band) vs. Towillis W:A29, L:B1
8:15 pm A9. Steve Demlow vs. Cornfield W:A33, L:B5 A8. Charles Smith vs. Grant Anthony Carter W:A32, L:B4 A6. The Shirtheads vs. John Shoesmith W:A31, L:B3 A7. El Doogster vs. Schreiber W:A32, L:B4 A10. Brady Clark vs. Jun Kamata W:A33, L:B5
10:30 pm A11. Volkmeister vs. Sheet Kickers W:A34, L:B6 A14. Miyo Konno vs. Aust Dept of Beer W:A35, L:B7 A12. High Performance Functioning Alcoholics - Yee ha vs. William Reynolds W:A34, L:B6 A15. Cory Yalowicki vs. Jay c. Blackburn W:A36, L:B8 A13. Dave Smith vs. Phil Shryock W:A35, L:B7
Fri 11:00 am A16. Rawhide vs. Kendall Jessiman W:A36, L:B8 A19. Team Cold Stone vs. Smoltz W:A38, L:B10 A20. Gale Force vs. Gord Moore W:A38, L:B10 A17. Adam Huffman vs. McNichol W:A37, L:B9 A18. Debb Bradley vs. Ron Bilodeau W:A37, L:B9
1:00 pm A25. Casey Macaulay vs. Chris Ewert W:A41, L:B13 A22. Don McMullen vs. Bro-pants W:A39, L:B11 A23. Ron Leake vs. Thomas Lee W:A40, L:B12 A21. Jim DeGeer vs. Randall Noble W:A39, L:B11 A24. Millar Time vs. Pink Fluffy Unicorns W:A40, L:B12
3:00 pm A30. Larry Weir vs. David DeBois W:A43, L:C13 A26. On The Rocks vs. John Coyne W:A41, L:B13 A29. Team Eng-Dinsel vs. Hammered Hombrés (The Drunk Mariachi Band) W:A43, L:C8 A28. Irwin Lee vs. Sharon Vukich W:A42, L:B14 A27. Nick Parker vs. Hacks in Slacks W:A42, L:B14
5:00 pm A32. El Doogster vs. Grant Anthony Carter W:A44, L:C11 A34. Volkmeister vs. High Performance Functioning Alcoholics - Yee ha W:A45, L:C9 A33. Steve Demlow vs. Brady Clark W:A45, L:C10 A35. Dave Smith vs. Aust Dept of Beer W:A46, L:C14 A31. Ken Mabbatt vs. The Shirtheads W:A44, L:C12
7:00 pm A38. Team Cold Stone vs. Gord Moore W:A47, L:C3 A37. McNichol vs. Ron Bilodeau W:A47, L:C2 A36. Cory Yalowicki vs. Kendall Jessiman W:A46, L:C1 A40. Ron Leake vs. Millar Time W:A48, L:C5 A39. Randall Noble vs. Don McMullen W:A48, L:C4
9:00 pm B2. Jessica Schultz vs. Dean eriksen W:B15, L:C2 B1. Chris Rimple vs. Towillis W:B15, L:C1 A42. Nick Parker vs. Irwin Lee W:A49, L:C7 A41. Casey Macaulay vs. John Coyne W:A49, L:C6 B3. Nate Levin vs. John Shoesmith W:B16, L:C3
11:00 pm B4. Schreiber vs. Charles Smith W:B16, L:C4 B5. Cornfield vs. Jun Kamata W:B17, L:C5 B7. Phil Shryock vs. Miyo Konno W:B18, L:C7 B6. Sheet Kickers vs. William Reynolds W:B17, L:C6 B8. Jay c. Blackburn vs. Rawhide W:B18, L:C8
Sat 1:00 am B9. Adam Huffman vs. Debb Bradley W:B19, L:C9 B12. Thomas Lee vs. Pink Fluffy Unicorns W:B20, L:C12 B13. Chris Ewert vs. On The Rocks W:B21, L:C13 B10. Smoltz vs. Gale Force W:B19, L:C10 B11. Jim DeGeer vs. Bro-pants W:B20, L:C11
3:00 am C1. Cory Yalowicki vs. Towillis W:C15, L:D1 B14. Hacks in Slacks vs. Sharon Vukich W:B21, L:C14 C4. Don McMullen vs. Charles Smith W:C16, L:D4 C3. Team Cold Stone vs. Nate Levin W:C16, L:D3 C2. Ron Bilodeau vs. Dean eriksen W:C15, L:D2
7:00 am B17. Cornfield vs. William Reynolds W:B23, L:D10 B16. John Shoesmith vs. Schreiber W:B22, L:D8 B15. Chris Rimple vs. Jessica Schultz W:B22, L:D6 B18. Miyo Konno vs. Jay c. Blackburn W:B23, L:D12 C5. Millar Time vs. Jun Kamata W:C17, L:D5
9:00 am A45. Steve Demlow vs. High Performance Functioning Alcoholics - Yee ha W:A51, L:D7 A43. Hammered Hombrés (The Drunk Mariachi Band) vs. Larry Weir W:A50, L:D9 C6. John Coyne vs. Sheet Kickers W:C17, L:D6 A44. The Shirtheads vs. Grant Anthony Carter W:A50, L:D5 B19. Adam Huffman vs. Smoltz W:B26, L:D14
11:00 am B21. On The Rocks vs. Sharon Vukich W:B24, L:D4 A46. Aust Dept of Beer vs. Kendall Jessiman W:A51, L:D3 A47. McNichol vs. Gord Moore W:A52, L:D11 B20. Bro-pants vs. Thomas Lee W:B24, L:D2 C7. Nick Parker vs. Phil Shryock W:C18, L:D7
1:00 pm C12. Ken Mabbatt vs. Pink Fluffy Unicorns W:C20, L:D12 C11. El Doogster vs. Jim DeGeer W:C20, L:D11 C14. Dave Smith vs. Hacks in Slacks W:C21, L:D14 C8. Team Eng-Dinsel vs. Rawhide W:C18, L:D8 C13. David DeBois vs. Chris Ewert W:C21, L:D13
3:00 pm   A49. Casey Macaulay vs. Irwin Lee W:A54, L:D1 A48. Randall Noble vs. Ron Leake W:A52, L:D13 C9. Volkmeister vs. Debb Bradley W:C19, L:D9 C10. Brady Clark vs. Gale Force W:C19, L:D10
5:00 pm B22. Chris Rimple vs. John Shoesmith W:B25 B23. William Reynolds vs. Miyo Konno W:B25 B24. Bro-pants vs. Sharon Vukich W:B26 C15. Cory Yalowicki vs. Ron Bilodeau W:C22 C16. Team Cold Stone vs. Don McMullen W:C22
7:00 pm C17. Jun Kamata vs. John Coyne W:C25 D7. High Performance Functioning Alcoholics - Yee ha vs. Phil Shryock W:D17 A50. Hammered Hombrés (The Drunk Mariachi Band) vs. The Shirtheads W:A53 A51. Steve Demlow vs. Aust Dept of Beer W:A53 D11. Gord Moore vs. Jim DeGeer W:D19
9:00 pm D9. Larry Weir vs. Debb Bradley W:D18 D10. Cornfield vs. Gale Force W:D18 C18. Nick Parker vs. Rawhide W:C23 A52. McNichol vs. Randall Noble W:A54 D8. Schreiber vs. Team Eng-Dinsel W:D17
11:00 pm D5. Grant Anthony Carter vs. Millar Time W:D16 C19. Volkmeister vs. Brady Clark W:C23 C20. El Doogster vs. Pink Fluffy Unicorns W:C24 D4. On The Rocks vs. Charles Smith W:D15 D6. Jessica Schultz vs. Sheet Kickers W:D16
Sun 1:00 am D14. Adam Huffman vs. Hacks in Slacks W:D20 D2. Thomas Lee vs. Dean eriksen W:D21 D3. Kendall Jessiman vs. Nate Levin W:D15 D13. Ron Leake vs. Chris Ewert W:D20 D12. Jay c. Blackburn vs. Ken Mabbatt W:D19
3:00 am   C21. David DeBois vs. Dave Smith W:C24 D17. High Performance Functioning Alcoholics - Yee ha vs. Schreiber W:D23 D1. Irwin Lee vs. Towillis W:D21  
7:00 am D15. Kendall Jessiman vs. Charles Smith W:D22 D16. Grant Anthony Carter vs. Jessica Schultz W:D22 D18. Larry Weir vs. Cornfield W:D23 D19. Gord Moore vs. Ken Mabbatt W:D24 D20. Chris Ewert vs. Adam Huffman W:D24
9:00 am C22. Ron Bilodeau vs. Team Cold Stone W:C25 A53. The Shirtheads vs. Aust Dept of Beer W:A55 A54. Casey Macaulay vs. Randall Noble W:A55 C23. Nick Parker vs. Brady Clark W:C26 C24. El Doogster vs. Dave Smith W:C26
11:00 am D23. High Performance Functioning Alcoholics - Yee ha vs. Cornfield W:D26 D24. Gord Moore vs. Adam Huffman W:D26 D21. Irwin Lee vs. Thomas Lee W:D25 B25. Chris Rimple vs. Miyo Konno W:B27 D22. Charles Smith vs. Jessica Schultz W:D25
1:00 pm C26. Brady Clark vs. Dave Smith W:C27 D25. Irwin Lee vs. Charles Smith W:D27 C25. Jun Kamata vs. Team Cold Stone W:C27 B26. Smoltz vs. Sharon Vukich W:B27 D26. High Performance Functioning Alcoholics - Yee ha vs. Gord Moore W:D27
3:00 pm D27. Irwin Lee vs. High Performance Functioning Alcoholics - Yee ha C27. Team Cold Stone vs. Brady Clark B27. Miyo Konno vs. Smoltz A55. Aust Dept of Beer vs. Casey Macaulay  

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