Seattle April Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

April 7-10, 2016 - Completed

Seattle April Spiel


Open Spiel, 4 game guarantee, 56 team maximum. Largest Spiel of the season, not to be missed!!! Entry fee due by March 8th. All teams must be able to start at 11am on Friday.


This year's theme is...STUDIO 54! Put on your polyester suits and platform shoes as the Granite Curling Club is transformed into the hottest club of the disco era! Join us for the biggest disco party you've ever seen!!!


Winning team in bold. All times are PDT.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Thu 6:00 pm A5. Brady Clark vs. James Pleasants W:A30, L:B3 A4. Markham vs. Mike Blackard W:A29, L:B2 A1. Shelby Sweet vs. El Guz W:A28, L:B1 A3. Pimps & Diva (Thomas Lee) vs. Pat sweet W:A29, L:B2 A2. Max Sando vs. Killehtos W:A28, L:B1
8:15 pm A6. Nate Levin vs. Classic Rock (Charles Smith) W:A30, L:B3 A7. The Village Idiots vs. Sheik Yerbouti W:A31, L:B4 A8. Dave Smith vs. Frozen Four W:A31, L:B4 A9. Stephen Wolfe vs. Sweepers Key Party (Britt) W:A32, L:B5 A10. Yolanda Carbajal vs. John Shoesmith W:A32, L:B5
10:30 pm A11. Team 54! vs. Steven Demlow W:A33, L:B6 A12. Wet Coasters vs. Disco Suks W:A33, L:B6 A13. Sherry vs. Soul Train Rejects (Kauf Kauf) W:A34, L:B7 A14. Supper Club vs. Wolf W:A34, L:B7 A15. Jive Turkeys vs. Jun Kamata W:A35, L:B8
Fri 11:00 am A18. Stayin' Alive vs. More than A Feeling W:A36, L:B9 A20. Team Moscato vs. John Coyne W:A37, L:B10 A16. Betty Kozai vs. Formal Foursome W:A35, L:B8 A17. Shayne Yamamoto vs. Colin Shpak W:A36, L:B9 A19. Ron Bilodeau vs. Funkytown W:A37, L:B10
1:00 pm A23. Noble vs. blake gieg W:A38, L:B13 A24. Stone Foxes vs. Team Cassidy W:A38, L:B13 A21. We will survive (Burch) vs. Ducks Unlimited W:A39, L:B11 A25. Trouble in the Hack vs. Krawch Meat W:A41, L:B20 A22. Kendall Jessiman vs. Debb Bradley W:A39, L:B11
3:00 pm A29. Pimps & Diva (Thomas Lee) vs. Markham W:A42, L:C15 A27. Brad thompson vs. Echidnas W:A40, L:B14 A30. Brady Clark vs. Nate Levin W:A43, L:C14 A28. El Guz vs. Killehtos W:A42, L:C10 A26. Glenn Smith vs. Pinimzelchan W:A40, L:B14
5:00 pm A35. Jive Turkeys vs. Formal Foursome W:A45, L:C1 A34. Sherry vs. Wolf W:A45, L:C16 A32. Stephen Wolfe vs. John Shoesmith W:A44, L:C12 A33. Steven Demlow vs. Wet Coasters W:A44, L:C11 A31. The Village Idiots vs. Dave Smith W:A43, L:C13
7:00 pm B1. Shelby Sweet vs. Max Sando W:B12, L:C1 A36. Shayne Yamamoto vs. More than A Feeling W:A46, L:C2 A38. blake gieg vs. Stone Foxes W:A41, L:C4 A37. Ron Bilodeau vs. John Coyne W:A46, L:C3 B2. Pat sweet vs. Mike Blackard W:B12, L:C2
9:00 pm B4. Sheik Yerbouti vs. Frozen Four W:B15, L:C4 B5. Sweepers Key Party (Britt) vs. Yolanda Carbajal W:B16, L:C5 B6. Team 54! vs. Disco Suks W:B16, L:C6 B3. James Pleasants vs. Classic Rock (Charles Smith) W:B15, L:C3 B7. Soul Train Rejects (Kauf Kauf) vs. Supper Club W:B17, L:C9
11:00 pm B11. We will survive (Burch) vs. Kendall Jessiman W:B21, L:C15 B9. Colin Shpak vs. Stayin' Alive W:B18, L:C11 B10. Funkytown vs. Team Moscato W:B18, L:C12 B8. Jun Kamata vs. Betty Kozai W:B17, L:C10  
Sat 1:00 am   B12. Shelby Sweet vs. Pat sweet W:B19, L:D10 B14. Pinimzelchan vs. Echidnas W:B21, L:C16 B13. Noble vs. Team Cassidy W:B20, L:C13  
3:00 am C3. John Coyne vs. Classic Rock (Charles Smith) W:C8, L:D7 B15. James Pleasants vs. Frozen Four W:B19, L:D2 C2. Shayne Yamamoto vs. Mike Blackard W:C7, L:D6 C4. blake gieg vs. Sheik Yerbouti W:C8, L:D8 C1. Formal Foursome vs. Max Sando W:C7, L:D14
7:00 am B17. Supper Club vs. Betty Kozai W:B22, L:D11 A41. Krawch Meat vs. Stone Foxes W:A50, L:C5 A40. Glenn Smith vs. Brad thompson W:A47, L:C9 A39. Ducks Unlimited vs. Debb Bradley W:A47, L:C6 B16. Yolanda Carbajal vs. Disco Suks W:B22, L:D4
9:00 am A44. Stephen Wolfe vs. Steven Demlow W:A49, L:D1 A42. Killehtos vs. Pimps & Diva (Thomas Lee) W:A48, L:D3 A45. Sherry vs. Jive Turkeys W:A49, L:D7 A43. Nate Levin vs. The Village Idiots W:A48, L:D9 B18. Colin Shpak vs. Funkytown W:B25, L:D13
11:00 am B20. Trouble in the Hack vs. Noble W:B23, L:C14 C6. Debb Bradley vs. Team 54! W:C17, L:D10 B19. Shelby Sweet vs. James Pleasants W:B24 B21. Kendall Jessiman vs. Echidnas W:B23, L:D8 C5. Krawch Meat vs. Sweepers Key Party (Britt) W:C17, L:D9
1:00 pm C9. Brad thompson vs. Soul Train Rejects (Kauf Kauf) W:C18, L:D1 B22. Yolanda Carbajal vs. Betty Kozai W:B24 A46. More than A Feeling vs. Ron Bilodeau W:A50, L:D5 C7. Formal Foursome vs. Shayne Yamamoto W:C22 C8. Classic Rock (Charles Smith) vs. blake gieg W:C22
3:00 pm C10. El Guz vs. Jun Kamata W:C18, L:D2 A47. Ducks Unlimited vs. Glenn Smith W:A52, L:D14 C11. Wet Coasters vs. Stayin' Alive W:C19, L:D3 C12. John Shoesmith vs. Team Moscato W:C19, L:D5  
5:00 pm C13. Dave Smith vs. Team Cassidy W:C20, L:D4 C14. Brady Clark vs. Noble W:C20, L:D11 B23. Trouble in the Hack vs. Echidnas W:B25, L:D6 C15. Markham vs. We will survive (Burch) W:C21, L:D12 C16. Wolf vs. Pinimzelchan W:C21, L:D13
7:00 pm C17. Krawch Meat vs. Debb Bradley W:C25 D1. Stephen Wolfe vs. Soul Train Rejects (Kauf Kauf) W:D15 A48. Killehtos vs. The Village Idiots W:A51 A49. Steven Demlow vs. Jive Turkeys W:A51 D2. Frozen Four vs. Jun Kamata W:D15
9:00 pm D3. Pimps & Diva (Thomas Lee) vs. Stayin' Alive W:D18 D4. Disco Suks vs. Team Cassidy W:D18 C18. Brad thompson vs. El Guz W:C23 A50. Stone Foxes vs. Ron Bilodeau W:A52, L:D12 D5. More than A Feeling vs. Team Moscato W:D19
11:00 pm D9. Nate Levin vs. Sweepers Key Party (Britt) W:D17 D8. Kendall Jessiman vs. Sheik Yerbouti W:D16 D10. Pat sweet vs. Team 54! W:D17 D7. Sherry vs. John Coyne W:D16 D6. Echidnas vs. Mike Blackard W:D21
Sun 1:00 am C19. Wet Coasters vs. John Shoesmith W:C23 D12. Stone Foxes vs. Markham W:D20 D13. Colin Shpak vs. Wolf W:D20 C20. Dave Smith vs. Noble W:C24 D11. Supper Club vs. Brady Clark W:D19
3:00 am   C21. We will survive (Burch) vs. Pinimzelchan W:C24 D15. Stephen Wolfe vs. Jun Kamata W:D23 D14. Glenn Smith vs. Max Sando W:D21  
7:00 am D16. John Coyne vs. Sheik Yerbouti W:D22 D17. Nate Levin vs. Team 54! W:D22 D18. Pimps & Diva (Thomas Lee) vs. Disco Suks W:D23 D19. Team Moscato vs. Supper Club W:D24 D20. Stone Foxes vs. Colin Shpak W:D24
9:00 am C22. Shayne Yamamoto vs. blake gieg W:C25 A51. Killehtos vs. Steven Demlow W:A53 A52. Ducks Unlimited vs. Ron Bilodeau W:A53 C23. Brad thompson vs. Wet Coasters W:C26 C24. Dave Smith vs. We will survive (Burch) W:C26
11:00 am D23. Jun Kamata vs. Pimps & Diva (Thomas Lee) W:D26 D24. Team Moscato vs. Stone Foxes W:D26 D21. Mike Blackard vs. Max Sando W:D25 B24. James Pleasants vs. Betty Kozai W:B26 D22. John Coyne vs. Nate Levin W:D25
1:00 pm C26. Wet Coasters vs. We will survive (Burch) W:C27 D25. Mike Blackard vs. John Coyne W:D27 C25. Krawch Meat vs. blake gieg W:C27 B25. Funkytown vs. Trouble in the Hack W:B26 D26. Pimps & Diva (Thomas Lee) vs. Stone Foxes W:D27
3:00 pm D27. Mike Blackard vs. Pimps & Diva (Thomas Lee) C27. blake gieg vs. Wet Coasters B26. James Pleasants vs. Funkytown A53. Killehtos vs. Ducks Unlimited  

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