2021 Holiday Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 10-12, 2021 - Completed

2021 Holiday Spiel

Holiday Spiel returns! In 2021, it comes with additional safety measures and a tented, heated beer garden! Limited to current GCC members!

Winning team in bold. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 6:45 pm A3. Holly Rockers vs. Misfit Toys W:A11, L:C1 A5. Santa’s Sweepers vs. Ice is nice W:A12, L:C2 A4. Gray Balls of Holly vs. Knight B4 Christmas W:A12, L:C2 A1. Yule Hogs vs. Naughty & Nice W:A13, L:C3 A2. Pleasants Holiday vs. New Kids on the Rock W:A11, L:C1
9:00 pm A10. A Spieler's Carol vs. Rudolph's Rebels W:A15, L:C4 A9. Up To Snow Good vs. Bumpuses W:A15, L:C4 A7. Prosecc-ho-ho-hos vs. jingle bell rocks W:A14, L:C5 A6. Noel-it-all's vs. Ring-a-Lingg W:A13, L:C3 A8. Miracle on Sheet 34 vs. SpookyScarySkeletons W:A14, L:C5
Sat 9:00 am C5. jingle bell rocks vs. SpookyScarySkeletons W:C6, L:D3 C1. New Kids on the Rock vs. Holly Rockers W:C8, L:D1 A11. Pleasants Holiday vs. Misfit Toys W:A16, L:B1 C2. Gray Balls of Holly vs. Ice is nice W:C8, L:D1 A12. Knight B4 Christmas vs. Santa’s Sweepers W:A16, L:B1
11:15 am A13. Naughty & Nice vs. Ring-a-Lingg W:A17, L:B2 A14. Prosecc-ho-ho-hos vs. Miracle on Sheet 34 W:A18, L:B2 C3. Yule Hogs vs. Noel-it-all's W:C7, L:D2 C4. Bumpuses vs. A Spieler's Carol W:C6, L:D2 A15. Up To Snow Good vs. Rudolph's Rebels W:A18, L:B3
4:00 pm     D1. New Kids on the Rock vs. Ice is nice W:D3 A16. Pleasants Holiday vs. Knight B4 Christmas W:A17  
6:00 pm Dinner
8:00 pm B1. Misfit Toys vs. Santa’s Sweepers W:B4 A17. Naughty & Nice vs. Pleasants Holiday W:A19 C6. Bumpuses vs. SpookyScarySkeletons W:C7 A18. Prosecc-ho-ho-hos vs. Up To Snow Good W:A19 B2. Ring-a-Lingg vs. Miracle on Sheet 34 W:B3
Sun 9:00 am C8. Holly Rockers vs. Gray Balls of Holly W:C9 D2. Yule Hogs vs. A Spieler's Carol W:D4 B3. Rudolph's Rebels vs. Miracle on Sheet 34 W:B4 D3. jingle bell rocks vs. Ice is nice W:D4 C7. Noel-it-all's vs. Bumpuses W:C9
12:30 pm D4. Yule Hogs vs. Ice is nice B4. Misfit Toys vs. Rudolph's Rebels A19. Pleasants Holiday vs. Prosecc-ho-ho-hos C9. Bumpuses vs. Holly Rockers  

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