2021 Holiday Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 10-12, 2021 - In Planning

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2021 Holiday Spiel

Holiday Spiel returns! In 2021, it comes with additional safety measures and a tented, heated beer garden! Limited to current GCC members and 24 teams!

This event has a team entry fee of $300. Sign-up for this event

Teams - 14

Team Name From Members
Gray Balls of Holly Granite Jeff, Chad, Steve, Brian, Kevin
Prosecc-ho-ho-hos Granite John Rasmussen, Bill Rugen, Liam Barksdale, Lisa Rugen
Pittard Granite Bryan Pittard, Alecia Burke, Andrew Tobin, Neil Digre
Up To Snow Good Granite Kelly Scherr, Suzanne McLaughlin, Matt McLaughlin, Jeff Bell
Santa’s Sweepers Granite Arnie Iwanick, Courtney Evans, Curler 1, Curler 2
Monique Heileson GCC Cristin Clark, Chris Sherry, Marc Heileson, Monique Heileson
Miracle on Sheet 34 Granite Matt Panico, Daryl Allen, Eric Kulcyk, Nathan O'Reilly
jingle bell rocks Granite Carolyn Beranek, Micah Jenkins, James Reilly, Katie Moran
Pleasants Holiday Granite James Pleasants, Chris Pleasants, Nick Pleasants, Jaynie Pleasants
Ice is nice GCC Ethan Bradford, Matt Pulick, Joe Olson
SpookyScarySkeletons Granite CC Bowen Zheng, Alex Ge, Alex Lee, Andrew Bell, Allison Tan
Knight B4 Christmas Granite Richard Palmason, Marc Eiler, Scott Smith, Miyoko Nather, Cheryl Crandall
Bumpuses Granite Marc Audy, Kaitie Kovach, Sam Sparks, Shannon Brown
Potter Granite Doug Potter, Karen Brattesani, Galan Potter