Summer Spiel: Backyard BBQ Edition

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

June 24-26, 2022 - Completed

Summer Spiel is back my friends; SUMMER SPIEL IS BACK!!

Summer Spiel 2022: Backyard BBQ Edition will feature a fantastic outdoor area to enjoy food, folks, fun, and sun ... we might even come inside and curl from time to time. Bring a lawn chair, we hope you will need some sunscreen as well.

Sign up NOW, we will sell out; you've been warned.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 5:00 pm A1. Steamed Hams vs. S’more Fun Curling W:A17, L:C1 A3. Burnt Ends vs. Camp Northstar W:A18, L:C2 A4. Backwoods BBQ vs. Bottle Rockets W:A18, L:C2 A2. Grouchy Chefs vs. Mustard. No Ketchup. W:A17, L:C1 A5. Secret Recipe vs. Greyhound Bivouac W:A19, L:C3
7:15 pm A7. Lorvick vs. Hackers W:A20, L:C4 A8. Red Solo Cups vs. Suns Out, Buns Out W:A20, L:C4 A9. The Wootan Clan vs. SPF 150 W:A21, L:C5 A10. L:C5 vs. Broom Stackin' W:A21, L:C5 A6. First or Wurst vs. Roar of the Ribs W:A19, L:C3
10:00 pm A11. THE Master Basters vs. Top Run W:A22, L:C6 A12. Chicken Fried vs. The Shotdogs W:A22, L:C6 A13. Rice Burritos vs. Gold Country W:A23, L:C7 A15. LA Barbacoa vs. Mustard and Onions W:A24, L:C8 A14. Chicken Tenders vs. PlzHammerDontHurtEm W:A23, L:C7
Sat 8:00 am A16. 3 nuts and a bolt vs. The Wieners W:A24, L:C8 C3. Secret Recipe vs. First or Wurst W:C10, L:D1 C1. Steamed Hams vs. Mustard. No Ketchup. W:C9, L:D2 C2. Burnt Ends vs. Bottle Rockets W:C9, L:D2 C4. Hackers vs. Suns Out, Buns Out W:C10, L:D1
10:15 am C5. SPF 150 vs. L:C5 W:C11, L:D3 A19. Greyhound Bivouac vs. Roar of the Ribs W:A26, L:B2 A17. S’more Fun Curling vs. Grouchy Chefs W:A25, L:B1 A18. Camp Northstar vs. Backwoods BBQ W:A25, L:B1 A20. Lorvick vs. Red Solo Cups W:A26, L:B2
12:15 pm Lunch & Mini-Scrape
1:00 pm C7. Gold Country vs. PlzHammerDontHurtEm W:C12, L:D4 A21. The Wootan Clan vs. Broom Stackin' W:A27, L:B3 C8. LA Barbacoa vs. The Wieners W:C12, L:D4 A22. THE Master Basters vs. Chicken Fried W:A27, L:B3 C6. Top Run vs. The Shotdogs W:C11, L:D3
3:15 pm A23. Rice Burritos vs. Chicken Tenders W:A28, L:B4       A24. Mustard and Onions vs. 3 nuts and a bolt W:A28, L:B4
5:15 pm Dinner & Scrape
6:45 pm B1. S’more Fun Curling vs. Backwoods BBQ W:B5 A25. Grouchy Chefs vs. Camp Northstar W:A29 D1. Secret Recipe vs. Hackers W:D5 A26. Roar of the Ribs vs. Lorvick W:A29 A27. Broom Stackin' vs. THE Master Basters W:A30
9:00 pm B2. Greyhound Bivouac vs. Red Solo Cups W:B5 C9. Steamed Hams vs. Bottle Rockets W:C13 C10. First or Wurst vs. Suns Out, Buns Out W:C13 A28. Chicken Tenders vs. Mustard and Onions W:A30 D2. Mustard. No Ketchup. vs. Burnt Ends W:D5
Sun 8:00 am B3. The Wootan Clan vs. Chicken Fried W:B6 D3. L:C5 vs. The Shotdogs W:D6 C11. SPF 150 vs. Top Run W:C14 B4. Rice Burritos vs. 3 nuts and a bolt W:B6 C12. Gold Country vs. The Wieners W:C14
10:15 am A29. Camp Northstar vs. Roar of the Ribs W:A31 A30. THE Master Basters vs. Chicken Tenders W:A31 B5. S’more Fun Curling vs. Red Solo Cups W:B7 D4. PlzHammerDontHurtEm vs. LA Barbacoa W:D6  
1:00 pm C13. Bottle Rockets vs. First or Wurst W:C15 C14. SPF 150 vs. The Wieners W:C15 B6. The Wootan Clan vs. Rice Burritos W:B7 D5. Secret Recipe vs. Mustard. No Ketchup. W:D7 D6. L:C5 vs. PlzHammerDontHurtEm W:D7
3:45 pm D7. Secret Recipe vs. L:C5 B7. S’more Fun Curling vs. The Wootan Clan A31. Roar of the Ribs vs. Chicken Tenders C15. Bottle Rockets vs. SPF 150  

Last Update: 2022 Jun 29 10:12:28 am PDT