2010 US Mixed Doubles Championship

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 3-6, 2009 - Completed

GCC hosts the Mixed Doubles national championship in early December. See About Mixed Doubles for more information.

Winner goes on to the world championship.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to linescore if available. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Thu 11:30 am A1-1. VanWieringen vs. Clark A1-2. Levy vs. McLean A1-3. Good vs. Mazzotta B1-1. Iwanick vs. Surka (f) B1-2. Gemmell vs. Doherty (f)
2:00 pm B1-3. Cornfield vs. Coleman (f) C1-1. Lundeen vs. Meechai (f) C1-2. Lopac vs. Pleasants (f)   C1-3. Vukich vs. Schultz (f)
5:30 pm   A2-1. Clark vs. Read B2-1. Doherty vs. Surka A2-2. Levy vs. Good A2-3. VanWieringen vs. McLean
8:00 pm C2-1. Meechai vs. Pleasants C2-2. Lopac vs. Vukich C2-3. Schultz vs. Lundeen B2-2. Cornfield vs. Gemmell B2-3. Iwanick vs. Coleman
Fri 9:00 am A3-1. McLean vs. Read B3-1. Cornfield vs. Doherty B3-2. Gemmell vs. Iwanick A3-2. Mazzotta vs. VanWieringen A3-3. Clark vs. Levy
11:30 am C3-1. Lopac vs. Schultz B3-3. Coleman vs. Surka C3-2. Vukich vs. Meechai C3-3. Pleasants vs. Lundeen  
3:00 pm B4-1. Doherty vs. Iwanick A4-1. McLean vs. Mazzotta A4-2. Levy vs. VanWieringen   A4-3. Good vs. Read
8:00 pm B4-2. Gemmell vs. Coleman A5-1. Read vs. VanWieringen A5-2. Good vs. Clark A5-3. Mazzotta vs. Levy B4-3. Surka vs. Cornfield
Sat 8:00 am   C4-1. Vukich vs. Pleasants   C4-2. Schultz vs. Meechai C4-3. Lundeen vs. Lopac
10:30 am A6-1. Mazzotta vs. Clark B5-1. Iwanick vs. Cornfield B5-2. Surka vs. Gemmell A6-2. McLean vs. Good A6-3. Read vs. Levy
2:00 pm C5-1. Lundeen vs. Vukich C5-2. Meechai vs. Lopac B5-3. Coleman vs. Doherty   C5-3. Pleasants vs. Schultz
5:30 pm A7-1. VanWieringen vs. Good   A7-2. Read vs. Mazzotta   A7-3. Clark vs. McLean
8:00 pm   QF2. Meechai vs. Clark   QF1. Vukich vs. Gemmell  
Sun 9:00 am   SF1. McLean vs. Vukich   SF2. Surka vs. Clark  
12:00 pm     F. Clark vs. Vukich    

First listed team is red and practices first unless (f) - flip for first practice.

Color Key: Pool A Pool B Pool C

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