Men's Western Regional

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

January 5-8, 2012 - Completed

Team Information


Sean Beighton, Andrew Ernst, Sam Galey, MacAllan Guy

Record: 3-2 - Runner-Up (to Challenge Round)

Won Thursday 7:00 pm - Game D12
Beighton 12.300* 1     3   4   6 8      
Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Pleasants 20.900* 2 5 7                  
Won Friday 7:00 pm - Game D32
Guzman 30.100* 1 3 4 8                
Score 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Beighton   2   5   6 7   9        
  1. Just about to get under way. El Guz has finished his pre-game beer and is ready to rock! Official Joel Russ looking very fine in his upscale waiter finery, including hand-tied bow tie the busser sounds to start the game. Keeping it clean through the first 4 stones, teams exchanging hits. Still keeping it clean , first skip stone. Trying to hide behind a skinny corner, but it hangs out at the back. Open hit for a blank, missed, blue takes one
  2. Still playing the hitting game, teams exchanging hits. Boring! Keeping one rock in play! Crowd doesn't like to call to peel the guard, but it works. Final skip stone misses the rollout, sticks around for 1
  3. two red rocks frozen partially behind cover in the back of the 4ft, with a third about to follow. Great shot. Guard is peeled, replacement guard goes deep for a potential quad! Hot shot take sout 2, but two remain.
    Lots of hits happening, now Beighton sits two with a couple of rocks in the top 12. Final skip stone draws in for shot and one
  4. couple of rocks (one red, one blue) at the top of the twelve foot, but the hitting continues. The crowd in the bar is unhappy with the strategy being displayed
    Oh Look, no rocks in play on sheet 2!
    Focus on the game on sheet 1, but there's now 3 rocks in play, with one guard, one draw and one hanging out at the back of the house, out of the house. El Guz hits the lone red to become the lone blue and is joined by a red Beighton stone which sits on the button for shot. Hit and roll leave two blue with Beighton's final shot a draw that slips a little far - they're looking hard and getting the measuring device - one blue for the steal!
  5. Hard to keep track of this game with the excellent curling on sheet one, but their' playing hard with a couple of guards and one on the 8ft. Guzman attempts to chip out Beightons's shot rock in the 8ft, but wrecks on the guard. Beighton follows with a great split to hide behind cover and in front of the blue at the back. Guzman peels the guard, Beighton corner freezes to their shot at the back with Guzman cleans out with a great takeout. Red sitting one. Beighton makes the nice draw to split the house, so El Guz is hitting away...and replaces the red rock with a blue one. Beighton replaces that blue with a red, rolling away from the other red to sit two. El Guz hits and Beighton has the open hit for 2, which he makes
  6. Starting up again after the 5th end break - but your commentator needs a break as well. Substitute commentator here. Blue has one just full 12 on the right with a red at back right 12. Andrew hitting it leaving red biting the 12. Benj is going to hit Andrew's stone. Spectators do not like this strategy and want a draw. Benj hits and rolls out. Sean's having Andrew draw in behind cover on the left. It's slick there...Andrew draws nearly to the pin uncovered. Benj is drawing to it but comes up short. Sean's going to throw quiet weight at it and get to the inside. Hits and rolls nicely. Thanks April!
    Big hit here - hanging out there ("a drive by") for a miss and Beighton sits shot and maybe two
    Throwing the guard nicely - trying the runback with their corner guard. Big weight, and just missed getting the red on the button - is it one or two? It;'s two!
  7. hit, hit, hit, lone blue in the 4ft, now two.
    Beighton attempts the double, get a piece of the second stone, but it sits around at the back of the house. Gaurd attempted ( or a draw, but it's hack weight and slides through the back, just touching the rock at the back. Somethign happened (too busy watching sheet one) but Beighton throws a nice double on sheet two and the house is empty, until Guzman throws the draw, which is hit out of the house, emptying it once again. Guard? followed by a peeL? No, it's a draw, followed by the flash and red steals one.
  8. Guzman throws up a couple of corner guards and Beighton puts two in the house, followed by a beautiful double to take out the two guards, leaving a red corner. Guzman hits, red responds with a hit of their own and Guz draws around the corner guard (not quite around it). Andrew throws the runback, splitting the house and leaving El Gux no cover. No guards now, one lone blue in the 4ft, with two reds to the right and one the the left. Whatever El Guz was calling didn't happen and the open hit for a double it there and it's made with authority. Open draw for one, working hard to get it in, but it's there for one
  9. Just one sheet to focus on, so it should be easier to keep track of what's happening. El Guz needs to steal or at least hold beighton to 1. Back from a bio break - missed some shots, but red's sitting 3 with two at the top of the 12ft and one hanging around at the back. El Guz tries to draw in, but comes up short with a center guard which Andrew peels. But wait! The rocks move around and Team beighton moves a rock that was in play out of play! It's replaced and red sits three with a blue frozen to the red in the top 12. The second draw attempt comes up short again and the discussion starts for Beighton, what to do? Timeout's been called and Joel's out there iwth his stopwatch. Looks like the draw is the call and the final thrid stone comes up short (after some vigerous sweeping) to fill the hole. Now the runback with first skip's stone - gets too much of the rock and the raised rock slides past the shot rock to the back of the 12ft. Team beighton's going for the kill and it's looking difficult for El Guz. Don't see how they can get one or keep Beighton from taking two. Guard goes up, but it's high and inside, so the raise might be there. they go for the off-in and miss. Looks like the tap for two.
    Rock's away and the sweeper jump on it - line looks perfect and the tap is there for two.
  10. Red's keeping it clean, throwing their first rock through the house. Blue follows with the guard attempt, but it's hogged and someone owes someone a pitcher of beer. hands at being shaken and Beighton has the victory!
Thanks Jim for the commentary!
Won Saturday 9:00 am - Game D42
Kauffman 16.700* 2 4                    
Blank: 1 5 6 9 Score
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Beighton 43.400*   3 7 8 10              
Lost Saturday 2:00 pm - Game D52
Beighton   3   5   7 9            
Blank: 2 Score
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Johnson 6.200* 1   4   6 8 10          
This game starts the best of 3 series. Both teams are undefeated. The game is being streamed at
  1. Clark made a nice come-around draw to the four foot. Beighton's rock was overswept on the run-back and rolled out to leave Clark with a steal of one.
  2. Free guard zone appears wasted on this end. House remains clear into second stones. Survey says that Beighton needs to lose the hat. Clark's first shot to the top of the 4 foot in attempt to force Beighton to one. Beighton's first shot removes Clark's stone and rolls to the left 12 foot. Beighton's last rock removes the Clark stone on the 12 foot and rolls out to blank the end.
  3. Ouch - Lundeen wrecks on the guard on his come around. Guy's takeout is wide, but still makes contact and clears the house. Slightly boring clean end. Clark is sitting 3 after picking out Beighton's almost freeze to Clark's stone in the back 12. Beighton draws for one to the back 12 foot stone.
  4. Lundeen makes another nice come-around the top 4 foot. Guy makes a nice draw to back 4 foot. Lundeen makes another come around to tap his own back onto Guy's, forcing it further back in the four foot. Galey almost falls coming out of the hack for the peel of the guard and still makes the shot! Clark calls for a center guard, and Galey comes around and makes the double. Romaniuk makes a nice come around to the top 4 foot for shot. Lundeen and Romaniuk save's Lehto's backline tap back which rolls to the top 4 foot, almost buried. Clark still sits one with Beighton in the back 4. Ernst freeze is heavy and taps Lehto's shot to the 4 foot for Clark to lie 2. Lehto and Clark are still talking about what to do.... tick tock! Lehto's shot which his sweepers save again, over curls a tad but comes into bite the 8 foot taking away the double. Turns out Beighton's front end needed a little more muscle as his tap wrecks on the guard. Clark could have opted for a high risk hit to sit 4 but chose to play it safe and guard his 2. Beighton's angle tap back over curls and he taps to full 8 foot out of scoring range. Clark's draw for 3 comes up slightly wide and takes just 2.
  5. Romaniuk makes a nice double to leave his rock on the center line to guard their own on the top 4 foot. Galey takes out the guard and leaves the rock on the 4 foot. Lehto replaces the guard and Galey returns with a double. Lehto makes a nice come around to sit on the back 4 foot. He makes another nice come around to sit top 8 foot. Ernst responds with a hit on the rock in the 4 foot and rolls slightly behind Lehto's rock on the 8 foot to sit shot. OUCH! Clark flashes the take out. Beighton returns with a nice come around on the other side of the house to sit back 8 foot behind cover. Clark's last shot removes the rock on the 4 foot and rolls beside Beighton's on the back 8 foot. Beighton removes Clark's rock for 2 to tie the game at the 5th end break.
  6. Romaniuk wrecks on the guard which leaves Beighton with 2 in the house. Beighton replaces the guard and Lehto wrecks on the guard as well. Beighton replaces the guard forcing Lehto to play the rock on the top 12. He hits and rolls to the right, just barely in play. Beighton draws to the top 12, sitting 2. Clark draws to the top 4 foot, but open. Beighton's hit is wide and hits his own guard, but manages to roll into the top 4 foot, leaving Clark shot. Clark removes Beighton's stone on the 4 foot to take 2.
  7. Clark is sitting shot on the back four behind their own guard on the center line. Beighton froze to their rock, but Clark is still shot. Beighton removes the center guards to open things up. Lehto's guard over curls to leave the four foot open. Beighton capitalizes and taps his own back to remove Clark's shot rock. Lehto's double attempt is saved again by his front end, but only removes one. Beighton takes Clark's rock out and rolls to the far 12 foot, sitting 2. Clark taps his own back to the 4 foot, but Beighton is still shot on the back 4. Beighton draws to the back 4 and Clark returns with a draw almost down to it for shot on the 4 foot. Beighton makes a great draw through the hole to score 2.
  8. Romaniuk's come around overcurled and popped out from behind the guard, but is still shot on the top 4. Beighton Galey removes the Clark rock on the 12 foot. Romaniuk's rock picks, but still ends up as a nice center line guard. Ernst makes a nice freeze to the Clark stone on the top 4 foot. Lehto blows it and his front end couldn't even save this shot - he wrecks on the guard and gives Beighton a chance capitalize. Ernst taps his own back to remove the Clark stone to sit 3. Lehto's rock is overswept and he wrecks on the guard again. Unlucky break. Beighton guards the 2 on the 4 foot and Clark tries a corner raise back and is wide to only remove one, but sitting 2nd shot. beighton removes the 2nd shot stone to lie 3 again. Clark makes a draw to the 4 foot (with a lot of sweeping help from all 3 team members) to score 1.
  9. Beighton is sitting 2 on the 4 foot. Romaniuk attempts a double but wrecks on his own guard, but still manages to take one out. Lehto takes out the rock on the back 4 to sit 1. Ernst wrecks on the guard but rolls in to the top 12. Lehto taps it over and rolls his own slightly under cover in the top 8. Ernst removes it with a fluke shot to sit top 8 on the center line. Clark removes it but his rock over curls and Beighton still lies 2nd shot. Beighton just gets by the guard to remove the Clark stone on the back 4, but is wide open. Clark removes the rock and rolls behind cover to lie shot forcing Beighton to draw for 1. Beighton barely makes the draw for 1.
  10. Clark sitting 2 as he starts to remove the 2 Beighton guards. Romaniuk removes one guard and Galey barely makes over the hog line to replace it. Lehto almost makes his CFP, but his sweepers hold it and he removes a guard and almost one in the house. Clark is still sitting 2 with 2 Beighton guards still out front. Lehto noses the peel on the guards and removes one of their own in the back. Beighton draws to the other side to sit shot. Clark draws down to it and taps it back to sit shot. Beighton comes up short to give the win to Clark.
Thanks Patti for the commentary!
Lost Saturday 7:00 pm - Game TB1
Beighton     1 4   6              
Blank: 7 8 9 Score
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Johnson H 2 3   5   10            
  1. Comments from the crowd "If I had a fantasy curling team, I would chose Darren Lehto for one of my sweepers". Meanwhile, Mike is making the moves on me since Darren is "busy". He also wanted to point out that the Johnson team was Leon's 2nd choice...
    Beighton was sitting 2 in the 4 foot, but Lehto makes a nice draw to cover part of the pin. Difficult to tell who is shot. Lehto runs back a guard and takes his own out. Beighton is now sitting 3 after a nice draw. Clark is tight on the takeout and only removes one. Beighton is still sitting 2. Tough shot for Clark - he misses his run back double take out and gives up a steal of 2.
  2. Guy draws around their guard and sits on the back 4. Lundeen attempts a draw down to it and comes up short and open on the 12 foot. Galey's draw overcurls and wrecks on the guard. Romaniuk makes a nice draw to the 4 foot, half buried. His second shot is a little heavy and they angle tap their own further back on the 4 foot. Earnst throws narrow and wrecks on the guard, pushing another Clark stone into the rings. Clark is sitting 2. Nice shot by Beighton! Cross house double and bumps Clark's shot on the 4 foot back to sit shot. Clark draws down the stone on the 4 foot, but is not shot. Beighton throws a top house guard. Clark throws a draw to tap their red back on Beighton's stone in the back four. Clark comes up short and only takes 1.
  3. Guy makes a nice draw around the guard to sit on the button. Lundeen draws down beside it. Guy takes out the Clark guard which is replaced due to the free guard zone rules. Galey makes a nice draw to sit 2 on the four foot. Romaniuk taps one into the 4 foot. Galey removes the Clark center guard. Lehto comes up short to sit top 8 on the center line - he needed to tap their own a few inches back. Ernst removes the stone on the top 8. Lehto taps their own a few inches back. Ernst removes a few stones (both teams) and rolls out. Clark throws a top house guard - he is still sitting one. Beighton's overcurls and he makes a crossfacepeel! (that's a $1 payment to Lehto- CFP). Clark tries in in-off but ends up 3rd shot. Beighton tries a similar in-off to remove the Clark shot stone on the button but misses which gives Clark a steal of 1.
  4. Guy makes a nice come around draw to the top 12. Romaniuk just barely ticks Guy's shot and rolls to the 4 foot, open. Galey removes the Clark stone and rolls to the 12 foot. Lehto doesn't disappoint his fantasy curling fan, and sweeps Romaniuk's stone past the guard to remove the Beighton stone on the 12 foot. Galey removes the Clark stone on the 12 foot to sit 2. Clark removes the Beighton stone on the far 12 foot. Ernst trades rocks. Lehto barely removes the Ernst rock and rolls out. Ernst draw slides too deep and Clark sweeps it out the back, but still in play. Clark attempts to remove the Beighton stone in the top 12 but it doesn't curl enough and it jams on the far back stone and Beighton is shot. Beighton doesn't quite remove the Clark stone and rolls across the house. Fantasy sweeper Lehto, sweeps it out of the house. Clark removes the remaining Beighton stone and sits shot in the back 12. Beighton draws and thanks to his sweepers, he gets his 1. This game is all about the skips killing their sweepers...
  5. Lundeen makes a nice come around draw behind Beighton cover to top 4. Guy taps it out behind cover and rolls to the 4 foot. Lundeen throws a nice top 8 guard. Galey makes a nice shot to tap Lundeen's first shot out the back. Clark is still shot on the 4 foot. Romaniuk removes the Beighton stone on the 4 foot. Galey noses it sits 2nd shot in the 8 foot, open. Romaniuk makes a nice hit and roll to leave Clark sitting 2. Ernst raises their own onto one of the Clark stones - Clark is still sitting 1. Lehto taps their own to sit top 4, but leaves a tough double opportunity for Ernst. Ernst wrecked on the guard. Lehto removes the Beighton stone on the 8 foot an rolls away to sit 3. Beighton's rock over curls and he only removes 1. Clark draws to the side to sit 3. Beighton makes a nice double but rolls to 2nd shot. Clark draws for 2. Lehto came out of the house to assist, but walks away without helping the front end - the crowd says this is a textbook slowdown...
  6. Guy draws to the button half buried. Romaniuk taps it to the back four (buried) and leaves his open (shot) on the 4 foot. Galey taps it out and rolls behind the guard to sit 2. Romaniuk taps the Beighton stone leaving 2 Beighton stones frozen on the 4 foot (shot and 2nd). Ernst wrecks on the guard. Lehto makes a nice thin double to remove the 2 on the 4 foot and sit 2. Ernst jams the Clark stone back and sits 1. Lehto picks out the Beighton stone and rolls out. Ernst removes the Clark stone and sits 2. Clark throws for the double but hits it too thin and only removes 1. Beighton draws to sit 2 and Clark attempts the double again and comes up short to remove only one. Beighton has an open draw for 2.
  7. There is a cornbroom sweeping clinic upstairs which is leaving Tilker winded. Apparently it is his best workout since the one he had at home by himself this morning. Meanwhile, on the ice, the teams are keeping the house clean. Third stones and the house is still clean, just a Clark guard which Lehto attempts to draw behind. He comes up short and leaves it wide open, biting top 8 foot. Beighton removes the stone and rolls to the other side to sit above the t-line, full 8 foot. Clark and Beighton trade stones. Clark blanks the end.
  8. Guy throws to the back pin to try to force Clark to a clean end. Clark ignores it calls for a corner guard - Lundeen delivers. Guy places a guard in the top 8 and Lundeen removes it. Romaniuk draws to bite the pin leaving a few inches between the Beighton stone. Galey's doesn't curl enough and jams the Clark rock back and removes their own as well. Romaniuk removes the Beighton rock on the top 4 to sit 2, but both rocks are open. Ernst makes a nice hit and roll to sit half buried on the top 8. Lehto's takeout barely curls enough and both rocks roll out, although the Clark stone is still in play at the back. Lehto's rock had the right weight, but didn't curl enough. It sits shot in the back 12. Beighton picks out Clark's stone to sit 2 frozen on the back 12. Clark draws to the pocket to sit 1. Beighton removes them all. Clark throws for the blank.
  9. Galey wrecks on the guard and leaves the Clark stone on the top 8 foot. Lundeen makes a nice come around to sit buried on the t-line, full 8 foot. Galey flashes. Ouch. Romaniuk, taps their own straight back to the back 8 foot. Galey flashes again. Double ouch! Lehto adds a top 12 foot guard to lie 4. Ernst makes a triple! Tilker almost takes the glass out upstairs banging on the glass. Lehto removes the Beighton stone on the top 12, just missing their own which remains in the back 8 foot. Beighton attemps a run back double but jams and leaves Clark on the back 4 foot. Clark draws down to bite the pin, but leaves it open for a double opportunity. Beighton makes it! Clark is forced to blank the 9th.
  10. Beighton puts his first rock in the rings, top 4 foot, and Clark answers back with a corner guard. Beighton puts a guard on the top 12 and Lundeen peels it but misses the double opportunity. Romaniuk taps one of Beighton's stones to the 4 foot and rolls on top of the other Beighton stone. Beighton takes time discuss the next shot with the team. Beighton chooses a center guard to guard his 2 shots on the 4 foot. Romaniuk takes one out on the 4 foot and rolls to back 12. Ernst leaves a double opportunity, but Lehto is wide and jams, leaving Beighton shot. Ernst taps his back further into the 4 foot, leaving another double that Lehto misses, only getting one. Beighton is taking a long time to make his shot - taking a timeout as well. Beighton makes a freeze through the hole. Clark attempts to nose it to remove their back rock on the top 4. Clark makes the shot and Beighton answers back with the same shot. It looks like he rolls too far, 3rd shot. Clark has an open hit through the port for 2 and the win. Clark makes the hit and makes the double for the win! Congratulations Clark team!