Junior National Championships

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

January 25 - February 1, 2014 - Completed

The Granite Curling Club in Seattle hosts the 10 men's and 10 women's teams for the 2014 USA Curling Junior National Championship Jan. 25-Feb. 1. The winning teams represent the U.S. at the 2014 World Junior Championships Feb. 26-March 5 in Flims, Switzerland.

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Winning team in bold. Time is link to linescore if available. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Sun 8:00 am Dunnam vs. Dropkin (f) Plys vs. Osterhaus (f) Scheel vs. Schommer (f) Meyers vs. Pedersen (f) Dudt vs. Vukich (f)
12:00 pm Sweet vs. Anderson (f) Haag vs. Schroeder (f) Lindgren vs. Fowler (f) McMakin vs. Runing (f) Osbakken vs. Christensen (f)
4:00 pm Vukich vs. Schommer Dudt vs. Dropkin Pedersen vs. Osterhaus Scheel vs. Plys Meyers vs. Dunnam
8:00 pm Christensen vs. Fowler Osbakken vs. Anderson Runing vs. Schroeder Lindgren vs. Haag McMakin vs. Sweet
Mon 8:00 am Scheel vs. Osterhaus Schommer vs. Meyers Plys vs. Vukich Dudt vs. Dunnam Pedersen vs. Dropkin
12:00 pm Lindgren vs. Schroeder Fowler vs. McMakin Haag vs. Christensen Osbakken vs. Sweet Runing vs. Anderson
4:00 pm Dropkin vs. Plys * Dunnam vs. Pedersen Dudt vs. Meyers Schommer vs. Osterhaus Vukich vs. Scheel
8:00 pm Anderson vs. Haag * Sweet vs. Runing Osbakken vs. McMakin Fowler vs. Schroeder Christensen vs. Lindgren
Tue 9:00 am Pedersen vs. Scheel Meyers vs. Plys Schommer vs. Dunnam * Dropkin vs. Vukich Osterhaus vs. Dudt
2:00 pm Runing vs. Lindgren McMakin vs. Haag Fowler vs. Sweet * Anderson vs. Christensen Schroeder vs. Osbakken
7:00 pm Schommer vs. Dudt Vukich vs. Dunnam Dropkin vs. Scheel Osterhaus vs. Meyers Plys vs. Pedersen
Wed 8:00 am Fowler vs. Osbakken Christensen vs. Sweet Anderson vs. Lindgren Schroeder vs. McMakin Haag vs. Runing
12:00 pm Osterhaus vs. Dunnam Dropkin vs. Schommer Vukich vs. Pedersen Plys vs. Dudt Scheel vs. Meyers
4:00 pm Schroeder vs. Sweet Anderson vs. Fowler Christensen vs. Runing Haag vs. Osbakken Lindgren vs. McMakin
8:00 pm Meyers vs. Vukich Scheel vs. Dudt Dunnam vs. Plys Pedersen vs. Schommer Dropkin vs. Osterhaus
Thu 8:00 am McMakin vs. Christensen Lindgren vs. Osbakken Sweet vs. Haag Runing vs. Fowler Anderson vs. Schroeder
12:00 pm Dudt vs. Pedersen Osterhaus vs. Vukich Meyers vs. Dropkin Dunnam vs. Scheel Schommer vs. Plys
4:00 pm Osbakken vs. Runing Schroeder vs. Christensen McMakin vs. Anderson Sweet vs. Lindgren Fowler vs. Haag
8:00 pm   TB1. McMakin vs. Sweet W:TB2      
Fri 9:00 am       TB2. Lindgren vs. Sweet W:WPG2  
3:00 pm WPG1. Anderson vs. Christensen W:WF, L:WSF MPG1. Dunnam vs. Vukich W:MF, L:MSF WPG2. Haag vs. Sweet W:WSF   MPG2. Dropkin vs. Meyers W:MSF
8:00 pm   WSF. Anderson vs. Haag W:WF   MSF. Vukich vs. Dropkin W:MF  
Sat 10:00 am     MF. Dunnam vs. Vukich WF. Christensen vs. Anderson  

Handle color: Team listed first throws dark handles in all games. Practice time: Team listed first practices first EXCEPT games marked with an asterisk team listed second practices first, and games marked with (f) flip for choice of practice time.

Color Key: Men Women

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