Pacific Northwest Mixed Doubles Invitational

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

November 3-6, 2016 - Completed

Pacific Northwest Mixed Doubles Invitational

  • Curling Champions Tour Event
  • Number of teams - 24
  • Tournament Fee - $500 USD
  • Prize Money - $20,000 CAD (if 24 teams register)
  • Payment Deadline - September 2, 2016
  • This event is an invitational, not open sign-up. 8 teams will be reserved for Canadian's in the top 35, 8 teams will be reserved for Team USA, 8 teams will be discretionary invitations from the host committee.
  • Competition starts Thursday Morning, November 3rd, teams should plan to arrive Wednesday evening.
  • Rules for the event will be distributed in October
  • Event will feature a traditional Pacific Northwest Salmon Bake on Saturday Evening
  • Contact Harry Saylor -
  • Accommodations
  • Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

    Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
    Thu 8:00 am Thomas/Park vs. Smith/Walker Hamilton/Hamilton vs. Beighton/Walker McLean/Carlson vs. Calcagno/Meechai Polo/Peterson vs. Clark/Clark Baker/Menard vs. Howell/Anderson
    11:00 am Tardi/Hawes vs. Cerquinho/Shibuya Jackson/Wood vs. Violette/Farrell Guy/Good vs. Maxie/Jensen Cottrill/Cottrill vs. Plys/Sormunen Stolt/Stolt vs. Evenson/Persinger
    2:00 pm   Plys/Sormunen vs. Maxie/Jensen Dropkin/Sinclair vs. Martin/Schneider Smith/Walker vs. McLean/Carlson Beighton/Walker vs. Calcagno/Meechai
    5:00 pm Polo/Peterson vs. Baker/Menard Clark/Clark vs. Tardi/Hawes Howell/Anderson vs. Cerquinho/Shibuya Kalthoff/Kasner vs. Stolt/Stolt Nernberger/Roth vs. Jackson/Wood
    8:00 pm Dropkin/Sinclair vs. Cottrill/Cottrill Martin/Schneider vs. Guy/Good Evenson/Persinger vs. Violette/Farrell Kalthoff/Kasner vs. Nernberger/Roth Thomas/Park vs. Hamilton/Hamilton
    Fri 8:00 am   Clark/Clark vs. Cerquinho/Shibuya Baker/Menard vs. Tardi/Hawes Polo/Peterson vs. Howell/Anderson Stolt/Stolt vs. Jackson/Wood
    11:00 am Kalthoff/Kasner vs. Evenson/Persinger Nernberger/Roth vs. Violette/Farrell Dropkin/Sinclair vs. Plys/Sormunen Martin/Schneider vs. Maxie/Jensen Cottrill/Cottrill vs. Guy/Good
    2:00 pm Baker/Menard vs. Cerquinho/Shibuya Thomas/Park vs. Beighton/Walker Polo/Peterson vs. Tardi/Hawes Smith/Walker vs. Calcagno/Meechai Hamilton/Hamilton vs. McLean/Carlson
    5:00 pm Martin/Schneider vs. Plys/Sormunen Cottrill/Cottrill vs. Maxie/Jensen Kalthoff/Kasner vs. Jackson/Wood Clark/Clark vs. Howell/Anderson Dropkin/Sinclair vs. Guy/Good
    8:00 pm Hamilton/Hamilton vs. Calcagno/Meechai Stolt/Stolt vs. Violette/Farrell Smith/Walker vs. Beighton/Walker Nernberger/Roth vs. Evenson/Persinger Thomas/Park vs. McLean/Carlson
    Sat 8:00 am Plys/Sormunen vs. Guy/Good   Martin/Schneider vs. Cottrill/Cottrill   Dropkin/Sinclair vs. Maxie/Jensen
    11:00 am Thomas/Park vs. Calcagno/Meechai Smith/Walker vs. Hamilton/Hamilton Clark/Clark vs. Baker/Menard Polo/Peterson vs. Cerquinho/Shibuya Beighton/Walker vs. McLean/Carlson
    2:00 pm Kalthoff/Kasner vs. Violette/Farrell Howell/Anderson vs. Tardi/Hawes Nernberger/Roth vs. Stolt/Stolt Evenson/Persinger vs. Jackson/Wood  
    5:00 pm     TB3. McLean/Carlson vs. Hamilton/Hamilton *    
    8:00 pm Q4. Polo/Peterson vs. McLean/Carlson W:S1 Q3. Thomas/Park vs. Nernberger/Roth W:S1   Q2. Dropkin/Sinclair vs. Martin/Schneider W:S2 Q1. Kalthoff/Kasner vs. Tardi/Hawes W:S2
    Sun 9:00 am   S2. Kalthoff/Kasner vs. Martin/Schneider W:F   S1. Polo/Peterson vs. Thomas/Park W:F  
    1:00 pm     F. Polo/Peterson vs. Martin/Schneider    

    *As needed, sheets subject to change

    Color Key: Pool 3 Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 4

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