Pacific Northwest Mixed Doubles Invitational

Rules & Information   

1)     There are 4 pools each with 6 teams that will play a round robin. The pools were formed based on peer seeding input received.

2)     The top two teams from each pool will qualify for an 8-team single elimination playoff.  

3)     The top team from each pool will be ranked 1-4 for the playoffs and the second place teams in each pool will be ranked 5-8.

a.      After each pool has determined 1st & 2nd within each pool the teams will be ranked based on their record first and then based on the DSC for the 1st place seeds (placing them in spot 1st to 4th) and then the same process will be used for the 2nd place teams to determine positioning for 5th – 8th in the playoffs.  

4)     The World Curling Federation Mixed Doubles rules will be in effect including rules regarding sweeping, broom heads, the power play, and rock positioning. 

5)     Each team must consist of one male and one female player. No alternates are allowed and failure to have two designated players results in a forfeit.

6)     Please closely review the TB procedures (below) and ask questions of Harry Saylor to ensure you understand them. 

7)     25 minutes before each game teams should flip a coin with the opposing team.  The team winning the flip will have choice of practice time or rock color.

8)     First practice will start 20 minutes before game time. Second practice will start immediately after first practice ends and two LSD’s are delivered and measured.

9)     If the opposing team has not arrived by 25 minutes before the game to flip the coin then the team who is present has choice of rocks and practice time. If a team does not make their practice time their LSD’s will be recorded as 73” each and the opponents will have the option of rock placement in the first end.  If both teams score 0” a coin flip will determine the tiebreaker.

10)  Each team is allowed to deliver 5 practice rocks up and back before the start of each game, but shall take no longer than 8 minutes.

11)  After a teams practice ends, each player shall deliver a Last Stone Draw (LSD) within one minute with one player delivering a clockwise rotation and the other player delivering a counterclockwise LSD within one minute after the first distance is recorded.

12)  The opposing team shall measure each LSD and the results shall be recorded and turned into the Bonspiel Committee. 

13)  The team with the shortest distance has the choice of rock placement (which determines the delivery order) in the first end. 

14)  Games will be 8 ends with extra ends played as necessary.

15)  We are planning to time games throughout the weekend. Running out of time will result in a forfeit.

16)  Make sure to post scores promptly after each end as we will be posting end by end results on the CCT/WCT and our club website.

17)  If a rule is in question or needs clarification please talk to Harry Saylor, Bonspiel Chair.

18)  We have time for up to one tiebreaker round and TB games will be played as necessary to determine which teams advance to the playoffs.


Total- $15,000 USD* ($20,000 CAD)

1st -      $5000

2nd -     $3000

3rd/4th   $1500

5-8th     $1000

*Money pool can vary slightly based on exchange rate as of Nov. 4, 2016. 

Tie-Breaking Procedures

(To determine pool positions & playoff seeding.)

AFTER the round robin, each pool will qualify the top two teams for the playoffs. 

1)     Best Record based on win/loss record.

2)     Head-to-Head

3)     Draw Shot Challenge (cumulative of last stone draws during the round robin with the worst LSD removed from the calculation)

4)     When teams are tied for a play-off position, a maximum of one session of tie-breakers will be played to determine which team(s) advances to the play-offs. Team(s) can be eliminated, without playing an extra game, if more than one session of tie-breakers would be required.

5)     If three teams are tied at 4-1 after round robin play ends then the team with the lowest DSC will advance to the playoffs and the 2nd & 3rd place team will playoff to determine the #2 seed in that pool. 

6)     Teams with 2 or more losses can be eliminated from the playoffs without playing an extra game as noted above. 

Draw Shot Challenge

The Draw Shot Challenge (DSC) is the cumulative of your Last Stone Draws (LSD), minus your worst result.   After your practice each player delivers a last stone draw with the first LSD delivered with a clockwise rotation.   The opposing team will measure it and record the results on a piece of paper to be turned into the Bonspiel Committee. The second player then delivers a counterclockwise LSD and it should be measured and recorded.  The team with the lowest cumulative LSD before each game will have the choice of rock placement in the first end.  Results must be recorded and turned in as the cumulative LSD’s will be used to break ties and could result in teams advancing or being eliminated.  Each teams single worst LSD will be eliminated in calculating the DSC.

Any rocks burned during the LSD or not touching the house should be recorded as 73”. Please ensure writing is legible.


Additional Information

Practice Ice

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016 I will be hosting 4 sheets of practice ice at the club from 8:30pm-11:00pm.  Each team can sign-up for a 30-minute time slot at a first-come first-serve basis. Please note: Ice on Wednesday night, will be following league play, and will not be as freshly scraped as it will be on Thursday morning. 

    4 Slots- 8:30pm

    4 Slots- 9pm

    4 Slots- 9:30pm

    4 Slots- 10pm

    4 Slots- 10:30pm

Email me for a practice time at When you arrive at the club, I will be pulling double duty as the Wednesday league bartender, so please check-in at the club bar.  

Bringing Guests?

To help offset the cost of the event, we will be asking for suggested donations at the door.
     $20/Entire Event 
50/50 Raffles
The entire weekend we will be selling 50/50 raffle tickets to help cover the cost of hosting this event. Draws will be held daily - you do not have to be present to win. The winner will be announced during the final draw of each day on the broadcast for the event.
Complete teams and draw schedule can be found 

Broadcast Online
The event will be broadcast through the Curling Champions Tour (CCT).  Each draw will have a featured game on sheet 3 broadcast with commentary.
Click here for the CCT website, then go to the "LIVE" icon in the corner. 

Food Schedule

Friday Night Cocktail Hour

Friday, November 4 starting at 6:30pm

Cold and hot hors d'oeuvres will be served, 1 free drink ticket per competitor will be in your welcome packets.  

Guests can purchase a food ticket for $5 on-site. 

Saturday Night Pacific Northwest Salmonbake

Saturday, November 5 from 6:30-7:30pm

A salmon alternative, vegetarian, and gluten free dishes will be available

Guests can purchase a meal ticket for $15 on-site. 

Weekend Long Refreshments

All weekend long we will be providing a hospitality table to all athletes that will include fruits, yogurts, granola, Gatorade, etc.. Items will be rotating and available before and after each draw.